#SCFrappe Prize Pack

Celebrate The New Second Cup Frappe and Win a $100 Prize Pack #SCFrappe

Second Cup Coffee Co. ™ is just wowing me with new stuff these days!

First they introduce the new Second Cup Rewards Program app, and then they introduce the Frappé, an authentic espresso-based blended beverage that delivers a fresh shot for summer!

The Second Cup Coffee Co.™ Frappé is a coffee-forward beverage that is hand-crafted and fully customizable.

#SecondCup #SCFrappe

“Our Frappé is unique because it begins with a fresh shot of our celebrated Espresso Forte which keeps the focus and the flavour on coffee,” says Vanda Provato, Vice President, Marketing & Category, Second Cup Coffee Co.™. “We’ve stayed true to our passion for superior quality, making sure that the authentic espresso taste isn’t overwhelmed by dairy, whipped cream or flavouring.”

I happened to try one of these beverages when they were introduced and was it ever tasty! I could truly taste the quality of my Vanilla frappe – made with real ingredients: espresso, milk and ice.


To celebrate, PegCityLovely is offering you the chance to win a Second Cup Coffee Co. ™ prize pack valued at more than $100!

#SCFrappe Prize Pack

Open to Canada only, ends June 12th at 7:00pm. Good luck to ya!

For more information please visit secondcup.com or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Try the new Second Cup Frappe flavours today!

Natalie 🙂


125 thoughts on “Celebrate The New Second Cup Frappe and Win a $100 Prize Pack #SCFrappe”

  1. I had the caramel one last week and it was fantastic! Would super recommend! Easier to drink than Starbucks as there is less ice formation! The barista said the caramel one is the best, but after I ordered! Would love to try vanilla!

  2. They all sound amazingly delicious but I think I’d order a Caramel first. I want to head to Polo Park to try one now! Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. nicolthepickle

    I tried the Espresso one last week. It was good, not as good as the Chillatte but still good.

  4. Hmm def a toss up between trying the Vanilla or the Caramel first. I have a feeling it would have to be a swirl of both . Thanks .

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