Enhance Your Home With Canvas N Decor Photo Prints

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

I honestly cannot even tell you how many pictures I have between my cell phone, my USB drives, my external hard drives, my laptop, I tell ya, I have pictures everywhere!

Not only do I have the dilemma of the sheer volume of pictures, I also have folks who visit our house that tell me they KNOW I have tons of pictures, so why don’t I have any of them printed?

I am actually impressed that we at least have some photos printed around the house. When we first moved into our custom-built home over just over four years ago, we were so sensitive and cautious about what we wanted to put up on the walls so we never really took the time to gather the photos we really wanted to showcase and get them mounted.

Over the past couple of years we have put up a Mother’s Day gift from Michal to myself that included a collage of pictures of all of us in different stages.  We have a few standalone frames with pictures on the fireplace and TV console. Most recently we printed photos of our kids and placed them on the two pillars that you can see when you enter the foyer of our house. See? We are making progress!

Way back in July 2013, at my mom’s request, we had a family photo shoot with our immediate family: Mom, Dad, my sister and her son, and Michal and I with our kids. She wanted to ensure that there were fun professional pictures of us as a family, as she had just been given her terminal diagnosis the month prior (June 2013).  The setting of our family photo shoot was my house both inside and outside. We took amazing pictures with mom and she was so happy.

When I thought about getting a large canvas print done for our house I knew that we had to choose from one of those family photos. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to order a canvas print from a Canadian company who specializes in beautifully finished, gallery wrapped canvas photo prints.

Canvas N Decor

Canvas N Decor is located in London, Ontario and offers a variety of photo print services; however their most popular sellers are the canvas prints. With a 1 to 2 day turnaround and free ground shipping anywhere in Canada (Yukon, NWT & Nunavut express only, Canvas N Decor should be number one on your list if you are looking for great quality photo prints!

The site is user friendly and they frequently have great promotions! For example, right now prices are marked down 50% AND if you buy 2 or more items you get an extra 10% off!

Ok, so here is the only hard part: choosing how you’d like your photo printed!

  • Single Panel Canvas Print – this is the one I chose because our family photo has numerous people in it, I just want a simple print.
  • Panorama Canvas Print – perfect for those of you who want to finally print those panoramic photos you have in your smartphones (we have a ton!)
  • Photo Split Panel Displays – I love this idea for our future wedding pictures, I have a perfect spot for it in our bedroom!
  • Unstretched Canvas Prints – for the artsy folks who would like to create their own projects.

They will even have Facebook, Instagram and Mobile prints soon! I can’t wait to see how those will turn out.

3 easy steps to order your canvas print:

  1. Choose the canvas format as I listed above.
    • Single Panel
  2. Select a Size and Finish
    • 12 x 18 is perfect for numerous areas in our great room and foyer.
    • I chose a Matte photo finish because we get so much light and I thought that any gloss would  have too much reflection.
  3. Upload Photo, Crop and Customize
    • I chose my photo, cropped it slightly and didn’t do any customizations (you can enhance, fix redeye etc just like any other photo app).

Canvas N Decor Steps

That’s it, press Submit and your order is on its way!

One caution, make sure you have proper resolution for the photo. I had a tough time with this hence why I wasn’t able to order as quickly as I’d like to. For some reason I had reduced versions of all of the photos we took of the shoot because I was using my Mac, I originally had just copied them over from an older PC laptop. So, I had to get searching on the PC to find the originals with the high resolution!

I can’t wait to show you all the finished product! It will literally be any day now, so stay tuned and I will update the minute I make Michal put it up! (See what I did there?) hahaha

Happy printing all!



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  1. I will have t check them out, I have several pictures on my computer that I would love to get done off so we could display them. Thanks for telling me about them.

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