September 19, 2015


Great Things Happen When I #FocusOnMyCity #Winnipeg

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A few weeks ago our family had the opportunity to use the new 2015 Ford Focus for one full day. The catch? I had to #FocusOnMyCity and document our adventures throughout the day with the Focus as our trusty transportation!

2015 Ford Focus

Isn’t this colour ravishing on me?

I do love the new exterior design from it’s predecessors.

I thought to myself, what types of family friendly and fun activities could our family of 5 participate in that we could cram into a day and still utilize the car?

A lot! [Tweet “Winnipeg is filled with so many amazing things to see and do! #FocusOnMyCity”]

We weren’t just a family of 5 that day though. My fiance’s parents drove in for the week from Mississauga, so lucky for them, they were able to tag along!

The itinerary for the day was jam packed! Most of the adventure was captured via my Instagram posts; however, I kept a few goodies to share with all of you. Are you ready for this? Let’s go!


Golf of course! My fiance Michal and I decided to let everyone sleep in and we took to the greens on a very misty, foggy morning. Lucky for us Southside Golf Course is 4 minutes away from our house (door to door)!


Unfortunately, I do not know how to drive a car with manual transmission. I know, I know, shame on me right? p.s. Anyone want to teach me? That’s ok, Michal was more than happy to drive as he is quite the car fanatic and he gave great commentary about the car for me to include in this post!

I will say that it’s seating is very comfortable and spacious enough for my long legs. As we drove, I asked Michal to share with me his first impression [Tweet “One word to describe the handling of the 2015 Ford Focus: Nimble #FocusOnMyCity”] It handles well and the 6 speed transmission was smooth especially on the highway.

As for golfing that morning, we did pretty well but man, was it ever wet out there!


We were pleasantly surprised to see how well our very full golf bags fit easily in the trunk of the Focus.

After golf we were famished, so we headed back home to clean up and get the rest of the fam to head out for breakfast.

Off we went to Stella’s newest location at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain.

The whole family fit in the Focus quite nicely, car seat included.

Breakfast was so darn good and very filling! Everyone loved their choices.


Next up, our family’s very first visit to the widely popular Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Wow, what an amazing architectural facility and everything we learned within its walls will impact all of us forever.

FocusOnMyCity CMHR

FocusOnMyCity CMHRwelcome

FocusOnMyCity CMHRArchitecture









We left the museum in awe and walked over to the Forks where we had a variety of lunch options at our disposal.


It was time to do something extra fun for the kids. We drove about 10 kms to Lasertopia!

This was a good opportunity to see how the Ford Focus would handle through the city. Michal had this to say: [Tweet “The Focus isn’t “plush”, you can feel the tires grabbing the road, easier to maneouvre. #FocusOnMyCity”]

FocusOnMyCity Lasertopia

The only way we were able to get the kids to leave Lasertopia in a timely fashion was because we told them it was time to eat again!


Whew! What a jam-packed day! Perfect time to have a family dinner. It was Michal’s parents’ first time at a Mongo’s Grill. We all had a blast challenging each other to the best flavours in our stir fry bowls.

And just like that we were done!

Overall, the Ford Focus, in our opinion, achieved driver/passenger comfort for a smooth drive. The only item that was tough to get used to was the the auto start-stop feature which meant the engine would automatically shut down at stop lights/signs! It’s a great eco feature but can freak you out if you forget about it!

The 6 speed manual transmission was a hit with Michal. He said it was “just right”, easy to shift and the clutch wasn’t too easy or too hard. FYI, he’s tough when it comes to cars, so his feedback was valuable!

Let’s not forget how awesome it was to enjoy so many family activities in this fabulous city of ours! Winnipeg did not disappoint and it was even better to show it off to our visitors from Ontario.

Click here to take a look at the Ford Focus specifications and features.

Drive safe all!

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  1. L. Hood says:

    So much to see and do in our province….

  2. LeslieC says:

    Recently we went to Lasertopia for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised about how much fun we all had!

  3. Heidi P says:

    always so much to see and do in one’s own city. We usually site-see other places & forget our own city has undiscovered places to visit…love it. Seems like all had a fun day.

  4. ivy pluchinsky says:

    sounds like a fun day!

  5. Suzie M says:

    looks like a great family car & that you had fun

  6. Yuen C says:

    I love the car!

  7. mrdisco says:

    the new focus rs will be an amazing pocket rocket

  8. JaimeeM says:

    sounds like you had a busy day!

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    Looks like a great car for the family and btw, your family is gorgeous!

  10. mrdisco says:

    the newly announced RS will be a barnstormer

  11. mrdisco says:

    love the colour

  12. Amy Heffernan says:

    Looks like a great car! I love my ford but its a 1998 LOL

  13. mrdisco says:

    that’s a spunky little car

  14. Heidi c. says:

    My first car was a Ford Focus and I loved it very much. It handled well, it was very functional, the trunk space was great and it was great on gas. I cried when I gave it up but the girl who bought it i s still driving it and, for a 15 year old car, it works great!

  15. We love Winnipeg! My inlaws and a few good friends live there so we visit frequently. I still haven’t made it to the Human Right’s Museum but look forward to it.

    I’ll be focusing on my city – Regina – this weekend!

  16. Margaret Imecs says:

    I love the new Ford Focus! I will definitely consider Ford Focus for my next vehicle.

  17. Judy Cowan says:

    We have a Ford Focus and love it! One of the best cars we have owned.

  18. JaimeeM says:

    that looks like a great car to travel around in.

  19. Lynda Cook says:

    This looks like a great compact family car, it’s impressing how roomy the trunks are on some of these cars!!

  20. Cheryl says:

    Looks like a great car and a great city 🙂

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