November 16, 2015


Cherishing my #HappyMomMoments With Lego

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Little did I know that having a son after having two daughters there would be such a drastic difference in their playing styles.

Watching my son grow up has been quite the experience! He’s different in so many ways, yet he shows many similarities with his sisters did when they were young. He’s absolutely more active and showing clear signs of being an athlete to be reckoned with in the future.

Gosh knows, he asks A LOT of questions these days, but I love watching his imagination unfold as he opens a new item to play with.

This past summer his grandparents visited from Mississauga and they brought with him my fiancé’s Lego from the 1980’s. J was so fascinated he couldn’t contain himself he wanted to build and build and build.

The tricky part was the fact that this was the original Lego from the 80s and so the pieces were smaller and not made for his age group. He wasn’t as engaged as he could have been. Regardless, we had a lot of family fun checking out the durability and style as we all played with the retro Lego.

Then, lo and behold we receive an amazing package from Lego with age-appropriate Duplo just for J!

#HappyMomMoments Lego

That smile says it all! 

The minute he saw those packages he immediately focused, rather zoned in on, the fire truck set! He is infatuated with cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and trains etc, pretty much anything with wheels. When he saw that the firetruck came with an actual “person” with a ladder and hose, he couldn’t contain himself! He was actually quite patient while Tata (dad in Polish) helped him put it all together though.

#HappyMomMoments Lego

#HappyMomMoments Lego

Listen to how he interacts with me while I watch them get it all assembled. The excitement in his voice is so genuine and happy. Where did my little baby boy go? He’s unbelievably descriptive with his words. I love my little man!

He literally played for over an hour, which is a pretty long time for a preschooler to maintain focus. He was quite the storyteller, telling us how he was saving people from the fires. Of course, we had to nicely shut down the fact that he believed we should use real water to save the burning buildings. He wasn’t upset about it and clearly seemed to grasp the concept. To listen to him tell the story as he moved the fire truck through our great room was fascinating. How did he know how a fire truck works? He was so logical about it all.

I love that the Duplo brings the whole family together. J’s teen sisters have played with him for hours building and exploring different scenes with each play set. Who would have known that a toy could bring my first born and last born children such joy!

#HappyMomMoments Lego

J was very directive with his older sister as they played. His language skills surprise me daily and he really seems to understand when and when not to push her buttons. It’s a little scary! All of this is healthy play though and that’s what matters most.

We look forward to more creativity and exploration from our lil guy as he continues to grow, and it’s great to know that Lego will grow with him.

See the great products that are available for children from DUPLO on their Facebook page.

This post has been brought to you in thanks to the generosity of JimJam Communications. As always, all opinions expressed are my own and I’m thrilled to share with you why Lego is such a big part of my kids’ childhood.

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Lego is one of those classic toys that never goes out of style. Love all the building sets they have these days. I remember playing with Lego for hours when I was a child, definitely one of my favourite toys. Your little guy is so cute!

  2. I have the opposite, a girl after 2 boys. I too love that everyone can play together. Even when grandparents and uncles come over everyone loves to play LEGO.

  3. krista gould says:

    Both my sons loved Lego i used to love watching them play and see what they could create

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