January 5, 2016


Disney Junior Nurtures Imaginative Play

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Imaginative play is the name of the game now with my son as he approaches 4 years old, his imagination has increased immensely and continues to surprise us every day.

With each new toy that he comes across, he finds ways to tell some pretty amazing stories!

This holiday season, we recently received the Disney Junior Jake and the Neverland Pirates Mighty Colossus pirate ship play set.


Disney Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Mighty Colossus

He has many favourite characters from Disney but he wasn’t particularly familiar with Jake. As soon as he saw that pirate ship, he was excited to see how it would work and curious about this Jake character. He even asked if Jake had a show he could watch on TV!

It literally took minutes to set it up. There were many small pieces; however, he’s old enough to know that they are for playing with, not for putting in your mouth etc.. I definitely appreciate his new found wisdom at this age.

Disney Junior Pirate Set

The Colossus is colossal in size. It has multiple levels (4 to be exact) where Jake can have his adventures. Within the pirate ship there are many moving parts that allow Jake to control the pirate ship such as:

  • Launch the catapult
  • Open the secret trap door
  • Turn the wheel
  • Spin the sail
  • Zip down the slide

There’s even a little prison for the “bad guy” as my son calls him.

We loved watching our son look in awe at the authentic details of the pirate ship, and shooting the catapult at his sisters!

Here’s a here’s a quick snippet of my son playing with the Disney Junior set in action, and he’s telling us how Jake has lost his “team”!

Whenever we have company and he has a play date, it is one of the first toys he shows to his friends to play with. It’s wonderful to watch the storytelling unfold as they play with it.

Mom’s favourite feature? When he’s finished playing, all of the pieces fit inside the ship, we close it up and wheel it to non-trippable area!

Check out more great fun on Disney Junior’s official website, Facebook and YouTube pages!


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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Disney Junior is great! Love that toy, I am thinking my nephew would have a blast with it!

  2. Heidi M says:

    Love the Disney Junior Jake and the Neverland Pirates Mighty Colossus pirate ship play set. What a great toy to keep the imagination going for the little ones. Can keep them going for hours playing with this great set.

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