Schneiders Simply Lunch

Schneiders Simply Lunch Offers A Healthy Option For Kids #giveaway

Packing lunches can be the ultimate daily chore for some parents, at least it can be for me! Anyone else?

Thankfully, I have two teenagers who can fend for themselves, so I’m just left with making lunch for my picky preschooler.

I’m desperately trying to get him out of “jam sandwich” mode and into trying other things for his lunch. The teens have other challenges, such as waking up on time to actually make their lunches, or only leaving the house with a piece of bread and a juice box.

Regardless of those challenges, as long as we have the options for quick healthy choices in the fridge, packing a lunch can be a much smoother process.

Schneiders is proud to announce their latest and healthiest lunch kit yet, introducing Schneiders Simply Lunch.

Schneiders Simply Lunch

You may already be familiar with Schneiders other lunch kit products; however, the new Simply Lunch kits do not contain any added nitrates or preservatives!

There are two flavours available:

  1. Ham & Cheese lunch kit includes smoked ham slices, Colby cheese, wheat crackers and chocolate chip cookies
  2. Turkey & Cheese lunch kit includes smoked turkey slices, Colby cheese, wheat crackers and chocolate bear cookies.

Both kits are made with REAL cheese!

Schneiders Simply Lunch Ham and Cheese

How do they taste?

Who better to give their honest feedback and opinion about the Simply Lunch product than my kids? Well, two of my kids and a neighbour! haha

Aren’t they hilarious? If you couldn’t tell, it was completely unscripted and as I stated in the video, I asked them to be honest. They absolutely were. You really have to try both Simply Lunch Kits to see which one is best for you and your family.

Alright, so who wants to try this product out?


One winner will receive 5 free product coupons for the Simply Lunch kits! Open to Canada, 18+, ends May 22, 2016.

After watching the video, 1) name the item that CiCi thinks they should add to the kit and 2) which Simply Lunch product do you think your kids will like best?

For more information about Schneiders Simply Lunch kits, head on over to the Schneiders Facebook page or follow Schneiders on Twitter!

**Disclosure: This post was generously facilitated by Schneiders; however, the opinions and feedback provided are mine, all mine!**


  1. She thinks pickles should be added. My daughter would love pickles with the Ham& cheese kit.

  2. CiCi thinks pickles should be added, which I agree, but would horrify my son! My son thinks that bacon should be added (he wants bacon added to everything!)

  3. Cici thinks pickles should be added to the kit – she is genius!! who doesn’t love pickles!! i think mustard should be added to the kit!

  4. She think pickle should be added and that’s a good idea! MY granddaughter would like it but she would love cucumber better.

  5. She thinks they need pickles. I think she’s right! LOL
    My oldest son would like the Turkey and Cheese and my youngest would prefer the Ham & Cheese.

  6. she thinks pickles should be added. MMMMM. i would agree but my husband would not! lol.

    Our family would like ham and cheese.

  7. CiCi thinks pickles should be added and I totally agree with her! I think my son would love the ham and cheese lunch kit.

  8. CiCi thinks pickles need to be added. My kids would like the ham the best. I loved the video it was great seeing a child’s perceptive and I think my kids probably would of agreed with them both!

  9. Cici think they should add pickles, and I would agree. Pickles are delicious! My kids and grandkids would definitely choose the ham.

  10. CiCi thinks they should add pickles. My youngest would agree.. My girls would love the ham best.

  11. CICI thinks pickles should be added… and so I do I, I love pickles. Both the hubby and my son said ham!

  12. CiCi thinks they should add pickles (and I agree!) and my son would like the turkey one best (he doesn’t like ham). Thanks for the chance to try these out! Making lunches for school is hard!

  13. CiCi thinks the kit should include pickles. I think I would most enjoy the turkey and cheese kit.

  14. Cici thinks it needs pickles. Our family would try the Ham and cheese first, we’ll go with the majority!

  15. Cici thinks pickles need to be included, and the ham and cheese one would be the one to try!

  16. Cici thinks pickles need to be included. My grandchildren would enjoy the turkey and cheese Simply Lunch since they are not big fans of ham.

  17. Cici thinks PICKLES need to be added.

    I know my grandaughter would love the turkey & cheese…as she LOVES♥ cheese on everything.

    Love how these kids are describing how they love these kits & would take them to school for lunch. Love how the two gals are describing how each loves which kit. They are just having way too much fun trying out these kits.

    The little guy is giving his opinions re his sweet roll of the eyes and trying out each little sandwich…

    All three seem to favour the Ham & Cheese, but they all agree they would take them to school..

    What a fun video to watch…thanks for the laughter too

  18. Cute video. CiCi says it needs pickles. My grandchildren I think would go for the turkey and cheese.

  19. Cici says it needs pickles and I think my kids would like the ham best.

    PS: Your kids and neighbour are adorable!

  20. CiCi thinks pickles should be added! Ham seems like the tastier of the two, so would have to say that one! 🙂

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