May 18, 2016


Prepping For My First #TravelBlogger Conference #PCLDoesTBEX

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I'm Natalie!

Less than 2 weeks remain until I head out on an epic road trip from Winnipeg to Minneapolis/Bloomington for TBEX!

TBEX is the Travel Blog Exchange, the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, new media content creators, and social media savvy travel industry professionals.

While I am not new to blogging conferences, I am new to TBEX. Travel is something I’ve done a lot of but never really captured appropriately on my blog. I’m optimistic that my attendance at TBEX will assist in increasing and enhancing my travel blogging capabilities.

TBEX offers the traditional conference agenda with keynote speakers, breakout sessions and opening/closing parties. A unique aspect, and a first for me at TBEX, are the speed networking sessions and the scheduled excursions to familiarize yourself with the host city and surrounding area.


Speed Networking will allow me to have 10 minutes one-on-one with various travel industry organizations such as hotels and tourism boards (Travel Manitoba will be there of course, but they know me already). I will have the opportunity to tell them about PegCityLovely, learn about their needs and discuss creative ways to work together. I can’t wait!

Regardless of the outcome, I will get lots of pitching practice and it will be a great learning experience.


The Pre-Bex Tours and Activities are exciting, the only downside is that I can’t attend every single one! These tours and activities are specially coordinated for TBEX attendees to I’ve chosen a culinary excursion and an activity excursion to experience.

I know from previous conference experiences not to overdo it and overwhelm myself with too many things. While I recognize that the conference is only for a few days, I have to take time to actually enjoy it too!

Plus, the whole family is coming along! I want to be able to capture this entire experience with my fiance and our children, therefore I will be choosy with my time. It will be our son’s first time on a road trip of this length AND his first time in Minneapolis! We haven’t been to Minnesota since long before he was born, so I can just imagine how much has changed.

I’m also looking forward to staying at the impressive Radisson Blu hotel which is the headquarter hotel for TBEX and an anchor to Mall of America, the largest retail and entertainment complex in North America!

Minneapolis is the sister city to Winnipeg, so it was a no-brainer to purchase my early bird ticket on my 40th birthday last October! I believe this is the closest TBEX has ever come to Winnipeg, I just couldn’t pass it up.


I will be sharing my entire adventure with the hashtag #PCLDoesTBEX, so please be sure to follow along!

Time to start prepping my packing lists!

It will be long road trip with a family of five…any tips for me?

I’m sensing another blog post…

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Hope it was a great conference to attend and you got lots of valuable information from it!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Sounds like a great networking chance!! I suggest bring lots of snacks for the trip with the family and pack a few games but don’t show them all at once only when you hear the “I’m bored”!! Have fun 🙂

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    Looks like a great opportunity, and a lovely family trip!

  4. you will love TBEX! Look for me! I’ll be there too!

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