August 21, 2016


Experience Summer Bliss at Thermea #Giveaway

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I'm Natalie!

One could call me “one of the regulars” at Thermea spa in Winnipeg, as I am no stranger to this magical place! From enjoying it with friends to having couples time with just my fiance and I, Thermea is where I find my zen.

Thermea first launched in Winnipeg January 15, 2015, and I was honoured to have the opportunity for a personal tour, shortly thereafter I attended with my fiance and we were hooked!

Fast forward to December 2015 when I attended with 10 of my amazing friends who thoroughly enjoyed the experience and even provided their own testimonials. Thermea accommodates groups and has now added theme days/nights including Thursday Lounge Night with a DJ and Sundays featuring yoga.

As for 2016, I’ve already been to Thermea several times – at least once during every single season actually! My most recent visit occurred a few weeks ago right smack in the middle of our wonderful Winnipeg summer.

I have to tell you that the summer vibe at Thermea is awesome because it truly is! We loved chillin in the hammocks and laying about on the “beach”. It’s so surreal, you truly feel like you’ve gone on a trip to a luxurious location. You are there to relax and it’s probably the one place you won’t find Pokémon Go folks that’s for sure!

Plus, I’m all over social media and my iPhone is practically an extension of my hand, therefore,  I can honestly say I love the NO CELL PHONE policy at Thermea. You are disconnected from technology but connected with nature, your own thoughts and/or whomever you bring with you.

We did something new this visit, before even stepping foot in the spa area, we each had a 1 hour Swedish massage! It just enhanced everything we did afterwards. Yes folks, you can get a variety of massage and/or body treatments at Thermea too!

There may be a few of you new to the thermal experience, so I’ll briefly describe how it works based on our most recent visit:


We started with 15 minutes in the Finlandia Aufguss sauna which is a special ritual where a Saunameister brings in three different essential oils and places them on the hot stones. Through movement and music he mesmerizes us with the bursts of moist heat and aroma. It can be a very deep experience if you allow yourself to be fully immersed in your surroundings.


We went to the cold polar bear plunge for a quick dip.


Off to the hammocks on the beach where I think we actually fell asleep for a bit!

Those 3 steps equal 1 full cycle folks. You need to do this cycle a minimum of 3 times to get the real effects of the thermal experience. You can mix and match each step with wet or dry sauna, polar plunge or temper pool, as well as many different options to relax.

For our second cycle we went into the Barik dry sauna (new since our last visit), polar bear plunge, and then we relaxed on the beach area in a lounging bed on the beach.

For our third cycle we went to the Eucalyptus Vaporo steam sauna, which is my absolute favourite. It’s extremely intense. We also did the exfoliation ritual right afterwards, another dunk in the polar bear plunge, then off to the hot tub!

All of that relaxation made us hungry so we headed over to the Resto where we enjoyed a gourmet lunch consisting of bison carpaccio to start, Bison burger and Croque Nordik (soup and sandwich), paired with sangria and mongozo beer!

Bison tenderloin carpaccio with sweet Finnish mustard, chives and a crostini

Manitoba bison and pork burger with avocado, bacon jam, spicy mustard, and havarti Side: ricotta blackberry salad

Smoked ham, gruyere cheese, topped with Nordik bechamel and parmesan cheese. Side: Mung bean soup

If there’s one thing I also love about Thermea, it’s the abundance of demographics – any and everybody is here to enjoy this experience whether they are 16 years old or 65 years old – no matter the body type – zero judgement. You can easily see that people are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

My fiancé Michal sums it up best: “Honey, no matter what you write or what pictures you show, it’s never going to do the place justice, people just have to come and experience it.”

Perfect segway to GIVEAWAY TIME!

I refuse to believe that summer is coming to an end, so this giveaway will end on Aug 31, 2016 and still give the winner a chance to enjoy their prize before the madness of back to school!

One winner will receive:

  1. 2 thermal experiences
  2. 2 bathrobe rentals
  3. 2 gourmet lunches

Open to residents of Winnipeg and surrounding areas only.

It’s been a fabulous summer in Winnipeg, what was the best part about summer for you and why do you need this Thermea package?

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  1. Carol M says:

    Pool party was the best and need this as I’ve never been.

  2. sean a says:

    Lots of driving for work has made my back and neck.sore. Thermae would help me relax. The best part of my summer was renting a log cabin with my wife

  3. Colleen Rose says:

    Cleaning out the garage has left me sore wnd Thermae would be a great way to relax. My fav part of the summer was spending time at the splash pad with my god daughter . She loves the water

  4. Paula Ritchie says:

    Thanks for the chance to pamper myself and my daughter

  5. Soozle says:

    My best part of summer was spending some lazy days on the the water while camping! I could use some relaxation as I am anxious about an upcoming surgery

  6. sean a says:

    My wife and I spent a weekend in an amazing log cabin. That was my highlight and this would be the best end to it

  7. Colleen Rose says:

    I,would love to,take my husband for his upcoming birthday as we both travel a lot for work and this would be a great setting to connect

  8. Heidi P says:

    An enjoyable day at the Thermea Spa would be so welcome…not much happening this summer other than helping out family

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for the chance

  9. Soozle says:

    The best part of summer for me was camping with good friends! I could use this package as I am over stressed with an upcoming surgery

  10. Heidi P says:

    Summer has been interesting this year, have not ventured anywhere as family circumstances take preference but still have enjoyed the weather.

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for the chance

  11. Janice Cournoyer says:

    I spent a month in the south of France on a boat/cabin cruiser. A lot of hard work on this vacation and would love to spend a little R&R at the spa. I have never been, but plan to try to go this fall.

  12. Colleen Rose says:

    This would be awesome to relax rhe yard woek/ gardening muscles. The gardening with my Mom was a highlight of my summer

  13. Paula Ritchie says:

    thanks for the chance to relax and enjoy

  14. Soozle says:

    I loved camping this summer and could use the win as I am very stressed about an upcoming surgery! I need to relax!

  15. Heidi P says:

    Quiet summer this year with family business to take care of but still loved the weather and sun…always next year to look forward to.

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for the chance

  16. Colleen Rose says:

    Gardening with my Mom wws the best part of my summer and also the reason I would love to go to relax at Thermae

  17. sean a says:

    The best part of my summer has been perfecting my eib recipe with family bbqs. Would love to rest my aching muscles at Thermae from all.the used work

  18. Paula Ritchie says:

    thanks for the chance to win a visit to Thermea spa

  19. Soozle says:

    The best part of summer for me was two camping trips with close friends! I could use this package as I will be having surgery in the fall and could use a little stress relief

  20. sean a says:

    Our anniversary is coming up would to.spend at.Thermae

  21. Colleen Rose says:

    A great part of my summer was my peonies my Grandmother gave me before she passed away . So exciting to see them bloom

  22. Paula Ritchie says:

    I could just some relaxation me time

  23. Heidi P says:

    Not much DOWN TIME this summer with elderly mom & expectant daughter but did manage a short drive with the dogs so they could then have a bit of freedom at a nearby park.

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for the chance

  24. Krista Embertson says:

    ON top of all the job stresses we are feeling in Alberta we have had a terrible summer with storms on a regular basis, we had more rain in the month of July than we did in the whole year. We haven’t ran away even for the night, everyone is working when they can and trying to be happy. We could definitely use some down time.

  25. Lori N. says:

    I’d love to take my daughter after she finishes her summer (construction) job as she needs to be pampered!

  26. Tracy Morin says:

    A great part of summer for me was kayaking for the very first time! I need a Thermea package to clear my mind before starting a new job Sept 19th. Nothing better than a fresh mind for a new career!

  27. Soozle says:

    Camping with a good group of friends was the highlight of my summer!

  28. sean a says:

    A great part of the summer was finally getting our fence replaced. A great end to.rje to.end Thermae

  29. Colleen Rose says:

    A great part of thr summer was riding the VIP Folklorama bus , It would be awesome to unwind with my husband at Tnermae for some mi h needed tranquility

  30. Carol M says:

    The best part of this summer was a BBQ and pool party with some old high school buddies. I need this as I have some aches and pains frilom my bad golfing this year.

  31. Heidi P says:

    Busy busy busy with family situations this summer so no time for vacations.
    BUT do enjoy the summer sun & NO SNOW

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for the chance

  32. Colleen Rose says:

    The best part of my summer has been awesome family bbqs. I am on week two of spa summer cold and my ribs a he from coughing . This would help me heal and relax

  33. sean a says:

    The best yet part of my summer would be winning this great prize at Thermae.

  34. Paula Ritchie says:

    I went once in the winter, I am sure summer would be even better

  35. Shirley Lowe says:

    The best part of summer was being at home so I can enjoy my beautiful flower garden. It’s been 3 years in the making. I’d love to spend a relaxing day at Thermea – what a great way to end the summer!

  36. Colleen Rose says:

    The best part of my summer was go-carting with my cousins kids

  37. sean a says:

    This would .be awesome to relax my body after alot.of long.distance driving.

  38. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    the best part of summer was camping and hubby and I could use a day together just to relax and focus on each other

  39. Paula Ritchie says:

    great lunches at Thermea spa too

  40. Heidi P says:

    Could use a day at Thermea spa, so busy with expectant daughter & elderly mom that no time for summer vacation this year but still the lovely sun & weather make up for it.

    Hosted a BABY SHOWER for the daughter & now need time to recoup from all the excitement. Need to stay close to home these days.

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for hosting such a giveaway

  41. Amalia McBurney says:

    I am always looking for a new and unique way to experience Winnipeg . Plus, Thermea sounds really relaxing. I would love a chance to win and try Thermea out for myself! Thank you

  42. Carla B says:

    One of my favourite memories of this summer was taking my niece to the zoo.

  43. Joan Brown says:

    the best part of summer was spending time with family, went on a vacation with my daughter and grandson, loved every minute of it.

  44. sean a says:

    Thermae yard work.aches and pains..a highlight this summer was putting up fence it really improved our yard

  45. Colleen Rose says:

    I have been doing some epic drives from work and this would be amazing , a high point of the summed wws planting a scxusssfuk garden with my parents

  46. Heidi P says:

    The Thermea spa looks delightful and a place I would LOVE ♥ to visit.
    Family obligations this summer, so only a dinner out with hubby & daughter & a movie night was all that we did this summer. Lots of summers going forward still to enjoy.

    Thanks for the chance @PegCityLovely ♥

  47. ALICE SPENCE says:

    I HAVE “2 bests parts of summer”!! 1. Spending lots of time with my busy Grandchildren. 2. I completed a 350 mile cycle trip in North Dakota going through the Badlands. So I cycled up & down lots of big hills. Thus, a spa day would certainly relax some of my aching muscles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. Allison Lennox says:

    The best part of my summer was spending time with my family at the lake! Winning this Thermea package would give me a chance to relax & reset with my best friend!!

  49. Paula Ritchie says:

    so many saunas, so little time

  50. Meg P says:

    this summer has been amazing- spending the hot days outside with the kiddos and exploring our neighbourhood (love it here in Sage Creek!) A day at thermea with my bestie (…or maaaaaybe my husband :P) would be the greatest way to sneak in a little summer fun and relaxation for this tanned tired mama

  51. Dennis Dubs says:

    I’ve been busy rewiring the house for what seems to be weeks now but should be ready for the inspection by next week. I need a Spa day (Thermea package) to deflate the balloon and catch some me time. The best part about summer is getting the wiring done with the help of my friends. I don’t know what I’d do without their aid and expertise.

  52. Stacey h says:

    I am loving day trips to birds hill. I have been killing those hills with my online skates.

    I would love therma because I haven’t been there yet and I need to unwind after a hectic work week

  53. Toby says:

    The gorgeous weather made for great beach and park days! One of my favorite days was hubby surprising me with a picnic in the park. I’d love to surprise him with a visit to Thermea. I’ve heard great things, not only from you, but others as well! This momma can use some pampering, too!

  54. Shreya says:

    The best part of summer was probably gettin the time off to spend with friends and family before school Starts. Also grateful for the warmth and the Sunshine! Themea would be a great way to unwind once routine life starts!

  55. sean a says:

    This would take my yard work pain away. We had a great time at Folkorama this summer

  56. Miss Reegan says:

    Summer was wonderful, the best part was that my partner was able to take some vacation time to spend just him and I. I would love the Thermea package because I’m starting a new adventure in teaching this year and could use a day to calm the nerves!

  57. Heidi P says:

    Although the sun was out & beautiful weather, time this summer has been spent with family matters, elderly mother (needs care) & an expectant daughter who needed a lot of support. But as I say FAMILY comes first. Vacations will be had in other summers to come.

    Love to win a Thermea spa for two – this would make the summer a bit better for hubby & me.

    Thanks @PegCityLovely for the wonderful chance

  58. Melissa Trotman says:

    Love love love giveaways!!!! And Pegcutylovely

  59. Jenness M says:

    The best part of summer was spending lots of time at my family cabin. I could use a thermea experience once school starts!

  60. Riele bailey says:

    My favourite part of this summer has been taking a much needed vacation! I would love to visit Thermea to finish off the summer on a relaxing note after working hard!

  61. Jill MacAulay says:

    I haven’t had the Thermea experience yet, but would love the chance ! Thanks !!!

  62. Jennifer Goncalves says:

    My son is having surgery September 20 and something like this to clear my mind would be so beautiful! As a momma of 3 boys aged 3, 4 and 7 there is never mommy time so winning a prize like this would make my day!

  63. Paula Ritchie says:

    I have visited once and would love to visit again

  64. Joel says:

    would love to take my wife!

  65. Angela ouellette says:

    Best part of summer Is family, fun and beautiful weather.

  66. Kristi says:

    The best part of summer for me was taking my 10 month old to meet my family in Ontario. Being new parents, my partner and I haven’t had much opportunity to spend time together without the baby. It would be amazing to have some time to reconnect, relax, and take care of ourselves.

  67. Amanda says:

    Best part of summer was spending time with my family (who lives across the border) and hanging out in the backyard, bbq and enjoying the weather (but not the mosquitos)

  68. Colleen Rose says:

    Taking my cousins kids to the waterslides fmth first time was a highlight for me. Mu husband loves the sauna ad this would be a great tme to have a date night

  69. Jenn Arndt says:

    This summer seems to have absolutely flown by! It would be wonderful to just take a day to slow down, relax, and enjoy some time at Thermea while reflecting on all the activity of the summer and what’s coming up in the future.

  70. Allison psuls says:

    The best part of summer has been getting together with family and friends and catching up.

  71. Melissa says:

    The best part of the summer was starting my Masters program! This experience would be a perfect way to destress from school! Thank you for this chance to win.

  72. I spent the summer creating some beautiful rock gardens and a new grape arbor…oh the pain…I need this!

  73. Kim S says:

    Would love the share this experience with hubbie, after 31 years of marriage, we have not been to a spa together!

  74. Barb says:

    Best: Canada Day in St. Norbert with my sister and her kids.
    Need: my whole body hurts and I have terrible edema in my feet.

  75. Valerie mahaffy says:

    An awesome summer planning my daughters wedding! We are going dress shopping soon….including thermea Would make it a really special weekend for mom and daughter!

  76. Natasha says:

    This would be great for me and a friend to say thank you

  77. Joc Grenier says:

    The best part of my summer was kayaking with beluga whales in Churchill! I need this Thermea spa to relax, knowing winter is around the corner!!

  78. Tara F says:

    Wow I would love to try Thermea! I have heard so many wonderful things about it but your write up sealed the deal for me!!! I would LOVE to go there!!

  79. David Swim says:

    The best part of summer was hiking and mountain biking around the province’s many trails. Beach days, bbqs and evening fires with my wife and friends.

    I’d love to win this for my wife Brenda who is the kindest, most creative, great mother and absolutely the hardest hardworking person I know. There’s been some changes and we weren’t able to get away this year and this would be a great break for a deserving woman.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  80. Toby McCrae says:

    I want to live at Thermea for the rest of my life.

  81. Matthew Kreider says:

    Thermea makes Winnipeg even dreamier. Love it.

  82. Kelly says:

    I agree! This place is amazing!

  83. Lori N. says:

    Summer has been a busy bee-hive of activity and I haven’t taken any “me” time in ages. I have always wanted to ride my bike over to Thereia spa with my daughter who is a busy university student. I’d love to visit thermea soon@! <3 What a super giveaway!

  84. Patricia Garrod says:

    I live goimg for walks in the woods. And i would love a Thermea experience because I’ve never been!

  85. Michelle H says:

    The best part of summer was spending more quality time with my family and friends, and my loving husband Craig. He started a new job this year, plus our 11th Wedding Anniversary is coming up on Sept. 10th, so this would be the perfect way for us to celebrate. Thanks so much for this chance to win and good luck everyone!

  86. I adore Thermea and think it is one of Winnipeg’s best sensation destinations!

  87. Andrea Robin says:

    This best part of the summer has been visiting as many festivals and events as possible with my partner! The Fringe, Folklorama , Ballet in the Park, the Icelandic Festival, the Harry Potter Party, the Hip Concet are just some of the things we’ve attended. I could really use a visit to Thermea to relax and catch my breath before a busy Fall season! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  88. Joan Brown says:

    The best part of summer was going on a holiday with my daughter and grandson, we had so much fun together. I need this Thermea package to relax after spending so much time walking, hiking, exploring with them, lots of walking.

  89. Gail A. says:

    The best part of this summer was leaving behind some extreme work-related stress – that stress is the very reason I would love to experience the deep relaxation you talk about.

  90. Donna Sousa says:

    The best part of summer for me this year has been spending so much time with my husband and daughter outdoors. She’s 4 now so it’s a whole new adventure for us. She especially loves feeding the duck and gees at the forks cracked corn. We always bring extra that she can share with other locals and tourists.
    I’d love to win this because my hubby and I could sure use some time to relax , recharge and reconnect.
    Sounds Amazing!

  91. Barb says:

    Best: my sister successfully surviving her emergency appendectomy. I need a break from workplace investigations and disagreements between my family members.

  92. Heidi P says:

    Although SUMMER is always great with tons to do, it was a bit different for hubby & me this year. Daughter is expecting shortly & has not been feeling that great so we have both been chauffeuring her back & forth to work for last few months but glad to have the time spent with her before the big day. Also been visiting with my mom & doing doctor appointments, shopping as she had a stroke awhile back & needs a ton of attention, so need to also her give some of my time. Actually have not been on a proper vacation or out of town in at least 4 years but family always comes first.

    Having such a wonderful spa in our own backyard is quite a blessing & perhaps one day will have the chance to partake in some of their activities & the wonderful waters.
    Thanks PegCityLovely for the lovely chance to.

    Looks like your time spent at Thermea has been most enjoyable & love the hammock relaxation..something we all need in this hectic busy world of ours.

  93. Cathy K says:

    The Beat part of Summer was a new experience for me! It was Fringing! I Loved the Talent and the Amazing and witty preformances! We are so lucky to have this Festival in Winnipeg! Thanks for this chance to experience Thermea!

  94. Tracy Morin says:

    My best part of summer was taking my nephews each on seperate days to Fun Mountain. I could use a day at the spa to recoup so I can take them out again 😉 #lovethemboys

  95. Kathleen says:

    The best thing about this summer was spending time with friends old and new enjoying the outdoors. Would love to visit Thermea with a friend; I have never been and it looks amazing!

  96. Carla B says:

    We got married back in June – and are not planning on going on a honeymoon, but still need a bit of a break.

  97. sean a says:

    I drive long distances for my job. This would be great. We had a big family bbq this summer which was great

  98. Colleen Rose says:

    The best part wws visiting with family from out of town, I sit a lot in my job and this would help get the knots out

  99. tamara petkau says:

    i want to take my sister and her brand new hubby. they just moved to winnipeg from montreal and i love showing them the awesomeness of winnipeg. thermea is a must!

  100. Linn says:

    This summer has had some amazing storms. Nothing better then sitting back and listening to the thunder and watching the lighting.
    Me and my hubby NEED this giveaway. My hubby has worked all but one weekend this summer. Its made for a very uneventful summer. We could really use some time together to relax.

  101. Marissa says:

    We love Thermea!! a trip to thermea would be and excellent way to end the summer and sneak in a break from our two year old lol.

  102. Jody says:

    We’ve had a lot of huge unexpected expenses this summer and yesterday was my birthday, I could really use some relaxing time!

  103. carlap says:

    Oooo how nice !! Would love to go.

  104. Patrica says:

    Love that place!!

  105. Loren Findlay says:

    Thermea sounds like a fabulous experience and a great way to get some self care in!!

  106. Melanie Loeb says:

    I would love this – spent the past couple of weeks hiking in the Rockies and the idea of some relaxation would be amazing!

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