October 7, 2016


Confessions of a Bachelorette Canada Newbie Part 2

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Alright, I’m getting into the Bachelorette Canada groove people!

Firstly, thank goodness for PVR’s and online connections, am I right? I’m a busy girl so I can’t always watch the show live and I love being able to fast forward through the commercials! I make darn sure I don’t check the #BacheloretteCA hashtag on Twitter either – no spoilers for me please!

EPISODE 3 – Sept 27

Jasmine and the guys are still enjoying the beautiful island of Jamaica and poor David is still dateless! It’s unfortunate that Drew felt it necessary to make fun of David for that fact but it just shows his true character.

The group date this time is all about confidence…..wait for it…..

A dancehall date? WHAT?! OMG I cannot wait to see this…I don’t know about Jasmine but my man MUST be able to dance (hence why I am marrying my Polish prince)!

Thank the good Lord it’s about confidence and not dance skills because this was a little hard to watch to be honest!

They had to come up with their own signature dancehall move! OMG a little painful

Drew though….I see what you’re working with…ok. He showed some rhythm but it still doesn’t make up for his cockiness!

Oh dear Scott…Winnipeg guy…I felt bad for him, dancing is not his thing, and unfortunately they edit to ensure that we see that. BOO! He seems more awkward than shy and he just doesn’t know what to say or do, but he just seems so sweet!

The guys have to show their new dancehall moves at one of the busiest intersections in Ocho Rios! I’ve been through there many of times and I couldn’t imagine being one of these guys and having to dance in front of all of those skeptical, snickering faces!

Jasmine continues to have sidebar conversations with some of the guys but most notable? That Drew guy!

He says “ she tells me what she wants, I will say i want that too”

Not to mention the inappropriate comments about being thankful about not having gone through 3rd marriages and 8 kids. What a guy!


HMMM, Jasmine do you really think you have things in common with Drew? Not so sure based on his comment.

My mom always told me if I have nothing nice to say, not to say it….so fast forward 😃

Jasmine’s next one on one date is with Kevin W.

p.s. Have i told you how much I love Jamaica?!!?  It’s so beautiful!

Kevin and Jasmine seem really comfy with each other, a natural couple vibe as well. She starts getting to know him (she also seems a bit lustful), so she better be careful! He tells the emotional story of him and his brother- that made me feel better about him and OMG I just noticed he has a dimple!

Time for another group date!

This one is focused on sensitivity and how the guys interact with kids!


I would have liked to see all of the guys in this situation.

David finally gets in on this group date where they have to make art for Jasmine but Chris still hasn’t gone on a date – and as much as he is the ‘nerdy’ guy – he seems sensitive.

Andrew and Kevin P seemed to be naturals with the kids, loved the commentary from the kids about Kyle, Mikhel seemed a little out of place and David needs to stop telling the world he’s a singer.

Kevin P finally gets the elusive one on one date, wonders if he is scared of love, but Jasmine likes the challenging convo with him and he gets a rose!

Leading up to the rose ceremony Mikhel he doesn’t waste any time, he made her a coral necklace and I really believe he’s there for Jasmine. I find it hilarious that Drew is more focused on Jasmine with Chris vs worrying about himself, sigh.

Kevin W already has a rose…so not sure why he had to go and interrupt Scott? However, this is a competition and I agree, if you want time with her, you gotta take it!


They all looked so very nervous and Chris got a rose and everyone is confused. Too funny!

Said goodbye to: JP and Scott from the Peg

UP Next Montreal!

EPISODE 4  – Oct 4

It’s heating up now, less guys means more time with each individual.

Single Date time! Drew is so mean! He led Chris to believe it was him who gets the date when it was really Mikhel. Again, Drew where is your focus?

I love that Jasmine surprised Mikhel with coffee in bed and the rest of the guys with continental brekkie.

Michel and Jas do street art – the theme is collaboration. It was a little awkward.

Solo date is with Benoit, and I was a little uncomfortable watching it. He was very forward and looked like he wanted to suck her face off hahaha

Group Date #1: Cirque Du Soleil!

David was trying so hard to have a good time – you can tell he was hoping for singing.

Group Date #2: 3 on 3 football

Chris hates sports – very clearly, but that’s not something he should have said in front of the rest of the guys!

Surprisingly enough Chris gets a touchdown TD and his team won but she let’s all 6 guys go on the date and this is where the drama comes in!


This Two Oceans Shiraz is too delicious and the perfect accompaniment as I watch the show!

Jasmine asks Mike to show off his abs in a private chat and Kevin looks quite upset when Mike returns shirt all open, I think Kevin W has a bit of a jealous streak in him for sure.

Chris then spills the beans to Jasmine about Drew and his bad behaviour! I wasn’t expecting that at all!

In Drew’s private chat, Jasmine questions his subtle  “bullying” and he says it was spur of the moment and a practical joke. yea ok, we all know that’s not the whole truth.

Unfortunately the other guys think Chris is the jerk because of his “tattling” – and as a result Jasmine didn’t give a rose to anyone that evening and the cocktail party was cancelled as she needed more time to reflect on what she needs to do.

ROSE CEREMONY – 3 to go home


This was a good episode as I’m starting to see some true colours but she still picked DREW!!! 

Said goodbye to: Kyle, Andrew and David (who was a lil melodramatic)


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