October 23, 2016


Confessions of a Bachelorette Canada Newbie Part 3

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Time for a fresh week and a fresh start!

Episode 5  – Oct 11

Solo date with Mike is an amazing helicopter ride. I can’t say it enough, they just seem like they’re it! Tell everyone else to go home!

Jasmine did ask him if he wanted to live in Winnipeg forever, clearly she doesn’t want to but she’d be closer to her hometown.

Group date #1: lumberjack games with the guys who seem to be the least physical (Chris, Thomas, Mikhel and Kevin P)

Jasmine is  looking for aspects of strength and determination.

All I can say is Chris splitting the log, absolutely hilarious. There was so much entertainment in this segment alone!

The winner is Thomas and he gets some alone time with Jasmine.

Group Date #2:  spa date w Kevin, Drew and Benoit

Jasmine wants to connect without words and she has to guess who is providing her the massage, manicure and pedicure.


Drew has to go, his comments about wanting Jasmine to show she wants him now ? Um NO, this isn’t the Bachelor!! I hate that he is so good looking ugh hahaha

Benoit again, very sensual, and licks/sucks on her fingers!?! Let’s remember this is primetime TV in an early time-slot buddy!

Jasmine ends up in the hot tub hanging out with the guys and Drew still doesn’t feel genuine “I’m not here to create drama” – LIES!

Kevin W is really into Jasmine and having a hard time when he sees her with Drew. He pulls away and is definitely jealous, and as such doesn’t ask for one on one time! Drew still ends up getting the rose though.

Once Chris finds out about the spa date he is really upset, and it doesn’t help that Drew returns extra cocky.

At the cocktail party, Drew has a lil too much wine and of course Chris decides he’s going to “make a special moment” with Jasmine. I don’t think he realizes the importance of feeling that natural vibe.

I really like Mikhel’s honesty – he tells her how shy he is in front of the cameras etc, and essentially lets her know he’s all about her.

Chris on the other hand is preparing to interrupt Kevin P and hopefully start a make out session. He tries to kiss her and she shuts hims down, promptly. She does not have a romantic connection with him, and doesn’t want to pretend that it’s there. I’m glad she was honest.


Going home: Chris! Drew’s reaction is priceless and you can feel the snickering.

Chris asks “Why do the nice guys always lose?” He had tears in the limo as he left, slightly heartbreaking!

Next up: Morocco!!!

EPISODE 6 Oct 18

Morocco! Looks like an amazing place, wow!  I need to add it to my future vacation location list.

When there are only a handful of episodes and 7 guys left (Kevin P, Mikhel, Drew, Thomas, Mike, Benoit, and Kevin W) , the stakes are high and Jasmine is under pressure to really take stock in the fact that she is in the midst of choosing a life partner! Are these connections she’s making for real?

I expect snippets of deeper conversations in this episode.

All of the guys are chatting about not having enough alone time with Jasmine.

This time there are 3 dates with a catch – one date with a 2 on 1? I don’t know if I like that! Whoever doesn’t get the rose goes home.

Drew really annoys me omg – even Thomas thinks he’s all about games, and hopes Jasmine finds out who Drew really is.

First up Benoit – solo date! He’s a fun easy going guy and I can see why she likes him, her little French firecracker hahaha

Benoit is too fun, he just gets up in there and has no fear! He’s also not hard to look at 🙂

However, I like that she’s trying to move past the very significant “physical” attraction they have – and she’s ready to dig in with tough questions.


Not sure if it’s the French accent but I think he’s said the word “like” about a thousand times!

It’s time for the 2 on 1 dates – Mike and Thomas – wowsers! It’s interesting as they are polar opposite – one lives out of a suitcase, one has structure.


Thomas is yummy and all but I say Mike from Winnipeg ALL THE WAY!

After this date either Mike or Thomas will be gone! GAH!

I’m not trying to be skeptical but considering what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem as if Thomas had enough alone time with Jasmine to have such a deep connection.

His reality though is that he travels and doesn’t know where he is going to be at any given time.

As she chats with Mike – he made me cry…for real. His stability and comforting nature as he chatted about how he never got to see his mom before he passed when he was 8 years old because he felt selfish for staying at a pool party…that was tough. He’s not adventurous as Thomas is though and that scares her too.

Decision time…Mike watches as she walks with the rose over to Thomas…but she’s walking over to tell him that she cannot begin a relationship with him while he travels the world/lifestyle…Thomas handles it very well but is sad and he sheds some tears too.

YAY TO MIKE! OMG they just seem so natural to me, just get together already!

Next Group Date: Mikhel, Drew, Kevin P and Kevin W

Drew has so much commentary and sarcasm it drives me nuts. He’s so boastful. “It’s good for my business!” Holy crap, who is this guy? He is clearly not here for her but I knew there had to be a”villain” in the show, there always is. The edits clearly show it!

The guys are all gunning for alone time. I liked that the weather was unpredictable and Jasmine was able to see how the guys would react.


These guys are from all over the country but all have the same style? Interesting…capris/cuffed pants and loafers, hmmm.

Who are these guys? Clearly very trendy! 😃

Jasmine whisks Mikhel away to chat.

Mikhel is clearly smitten and I love his transparency – he’s so darn sweet!

Kevin W on the other hand is getting a little crusty – that’s HIS girl and his facial expressions show that he can’t handle the other guys taking time with her.

You can tell there is so much tension, the guys don’t even seem to have small talk between each other!

Kevin P’s turn: he likes that she’s a bit of a dreamer but they have yet to kiss!

Drew is jumping right in about what HE wants. Jasmine asks “what do you want to know about me” and he can’t answer. He talks about himself the entire time and talks over her. Who’s the real Drew?

Kevin W finally gets a chance to chat with her in private – he does NOT like group dates. She wants to make sure this connection isn’t ego-related. I’m glad he’s honest about the fact that he’s homesick.


Get over it Kevin W, you knew this is what the show was about when you signed up!

The rose goes to…MIKHEL!


I’ll say it again, it’s between Mike and Mikhel folks…

It’s the lead up to the rose ceremony and Drew is the first to grab Jasmine to chat…and what does he do? Talk about himself! He literally took the characteristics of Mike and Thomas and tried to say he was both. Unreal this guy!

Kevin P is up again and I still don’t have a sense of who he is, it could be the edits, it could be that he hasn’t said everything he wants to say. He’s really trying to figure out if she’s right for him too. Aaaaand, he goes in for the kiss!


Um, ok Kevin P, I’m starting to warm up to you! Oh, and do these guys workout during these trips? I’m so curious if they keep up their routines!

Kevin W agrees that he’s grouchy when Jasmine states that he is but he is definitely jealous and wants to feel special. When he doesn’t get the rose he is super crusty! I liked the fire and the sparks between the two of them during this argument, which may actually work in his favour?


As the number of guys dwindles, I couldn’t imagine being Jasmine and having to make these decisions.


The smirk on Drew’s face kills me, he acts as if he’s got it hands down. Meanwhile Kevin W is losing it wondering if the argument means he’s going home.

AND OH MY GOSH – Drew is GONZO!!!! Finally…

He is literally losing his mind and clearly upset! His reaction is so ridiculous?!?! The fact that he called her darlin as he was leaving …so dismissive. His comments and that laugh: “It’s pretty F&**&Ing stupid”, “Is this a joke?”, “It’s bull—!”, “Your ratings after this episode…DONE”, “This girl’s an idiot” Then he has the nerve to say he wants to be the next Bachelor! Wow buddy! Buh-bye!

I cannot wait to see the next episode based on the preview but I’m a little scared because to me it sounds like it might be Mike based on her statement. I’m going to stay optimistic, hope that they do hometown visits and come to the ‘Peg!

Who do you think is going home on Oct 25 (episode 7)?!

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  1. Cheryl MacPhail says:

    I missed this season this time around. I find the girl never pics the guy I like anyways!! lol

  2. loriag says:

    I just cant watch these reality shows.

  3. SS says:

    I have never seen this show but have friends and family who are really into it

  4. Lana Hood says:

    Thanks for all the updates!

  5. Lana Hood says:

    Thanks for all the updates…

  6. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Sad to say that i have never seen this show ever.

  7. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    I am hooked on all the bachelor and bachelorette shows.

  8. kisten visser says:

    I actually wish I would have gotten more into this! I don’t know why but the Canadian ones don’t gain my interest as much! it is really cool though cause I went to school with Kevin W and he is in the remaining two! so i am curious to see who she ended up choosing and definitely will be tuning in

  9. Paula R says:

    I love watching Bachelorette Canada

  10. Carole Dube says:

    Kevin Wendt I think,

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