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How LeanFit Protein Fits Into My Daily Routine

About a year ago, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and just not feeling well overall. I had noticed that the feelings of anxiety were worse around my hormonal time of month – such fun, NOT!

Anyhoo, I went to my naturopath to see how I could start to treat my issues in a more natural fashion vs prescriptions.

One of the suggestions she had for me was to ensure I was “loading up on protein” every morning and even in the evening to help my sleep pattern etc.

In addition to changing my diet, I started to try different types of protein powders. Mostly only chocolate or vanilla flavoured, but I really like vanilla best so far.

I think I went through 4 or 5 different kinds before I tried LeanFit completegreen protein.

I haven’t been shy about how much I enjoy the LeanFit protein as I’ve posted about it numerous times!

Here’s a quick video peek into my mornings with LeanFit completegreen:

5 reasons why I choose LeanFit’s completegreen protein:

  • It’s so darn delicious!
  • It’s an easy way to boost my nutrition
  • It’s perfect for after my workouts
  • It’s a low calorie shake
  • It gets me my protein requirement and is helping me to build stronger muscles!

However, as I mentioned in the video, LeanFit as a new All-In-One Complete Nutritional Protein Shake.

I personally prefer the completegreen because it doesn’t have any whey (grass fed or not, whey still gives me a big belly haha).

For those folks who aren’t intolerant of whey like me and need a tasty shake to get your fill of your daily protein, fruits and veggies, vitamins and minerals, fibre, omegas, greens, organic superfoods and antioxidants, the All-In-One is for you!!!

It will fill you up, give you lasting energy without the crash AND it’s gluten and GMO free!

Awesome right?

Typically I purchase my LeanFit at my local Costco, but I have been travelling often lately and love that you can purchase single serve LeanFit pouches! It’s so convenient when you’re on the road or flying across the country.


I don’t have any All-In-One to giveaway but how would you like to try LeanFit completegreen protein?

LeanFit completegreen

How would you incorporate LeanFit completegreen protein powder into your daily routine?


  1. Glad I decided to look because my comment didnt go through or I cant see it from days ago??
    I need more Protein in my diet, I also never eat breakfast but like to have a Smoothie!

  2. I love that this does not have Whey in it! I’ve only had whey protein powder and would like to try this one. I need to get into the habit of having a morning smoothly so having a new delicious one should help!

  3. I already make a smoothie every morning with frozen banana, frozen fruit, and soy milk. Adding in some protein powder would certainly help fuel my workouts!

  4. I would love to start using it as a morning shake. I am often rushing in the morning, and often don’t eat anything until mid morning when I am starving. This would be a good habit to get in to!

  5. I would definitely incorporate LeanFit into my diet by using it in a smoothie at breakfast. It would be a great kick to start my day!

  6. I make smoothies every morning to start my day. I would love to try the Leanfit Protein and Greens, as I only use Veagn protein powders

  7. Leanfit is just a natural choice! For a vegetarian, it is challenging to incorporate enough protein into my diet! I always turn to protein shakes to keep me full and healthy! Leanfit would be the perfect way for me to start my day as I head off to class or work and keep my muscles refuelled after dance practices! As a student, and someone who is always on the go …. Leanfit is a life savers!

  8. I would incorporate in my morning protein shakes with almond milk and frozen fruit for a refreshing and filling start to my day ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

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