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My Fun Save-On-Foods Online Shopping Experience

We have just experienced our first taste of “real” winter here in Winnipeg.

That brisk, northern, chilly air is here, along with snow drifts up to our waists. Have no fear, we aren’t called Winterpeg for nothin!

Our family spends at least $300 on groceries each week, and when it starts to get colder, there are days where I just don’t feel like leaving the house to grab groceries or maneuvering in snow-filled parking lots.

Save-On-Foods has an online shopping feature that I have been eyeing up and had to try!

As you can see, first you have to login, then click on ONLINE SHOPPING.

Once you get to the main page:

1) You can shop by Department

2) You can shop using the Weekly Flyer

3) You can shop by Recipes

4) You can enter the items you are looking for in the search bar.

Personally, I like to shop via flyer first! Get me those deals!  (Tip: The best way to save you money is making sure your delivery date fits within the flyer sale dates.  (FYI – Save-On-Foods flyers come out on Thursdays and run Friday-Thursdays.)

*Note: for your first crack at online shopping, it will take a little more time because you are selecting all of your items individually. But guess what? Once you’ve made your first purchase it saves that order, so when you login again, everything you ordered the week before is there for ya! No searching. Just a matter of editing out items you don’t need for the week or adding in new ones you see from the flyer etc.!

For example, I love the Oikos Greek yogurt, it’s a staple item in our fridge. When you click on the item in the online flyer, a new screen pops up where you can choose flavours – see below:

You can even customize “how” you would like your produce! Add notes to your cart so that the Personal Shopper is aware of your preference.

Another example, I buy 3-4 avocados each week, and I like them to ripen at home, so I wrote in my additional notes that I would like my avocado, green, firm and smooth (without pock marks).

How about substitutions? There are certain products like ketchup that we buy that I only like a certain name brand; I’m slightly particular so this option isn’t for me but if you are ok with substitutions and/or generic products you can check that off before you check out!

When you review your cart it categorizes all of your items so clearly.

Alright, so how does this all really happen at store level? Who’s picking my groceries?  Once I press checkout, choose how I’d like to receive my groceries and choose my method of payment, what really happens?

Come along with me and find out! I get a behind the scenes look from order picking to delivery at my house:

Wasn’t that AWESOME? I LOVED it!

DID YOU KNOW? You can use gift cards when you do your online shopping?

I guess it only makes sense for…


Win $40 in Save-On-Foods gift cards! Winnipeg residents only please!

Online Shopping is definitely convenient, what would be your reasons to use this service?

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!


  1. This is amazing. Also love your blog. I kniw this is an older post now, but do you know if this same quality of service exists across Canada (or if there have been any major changes)? Especially with things like price points in substitutions? I live in BC and I know things can be similar as a chain, but different regionally. If it is I am IN. I have health issues but also time issues with work. To top it off currently no vehicle. A service like this not only is invaluable, but creates more jobs in store. Yay Save On!
    And yay this blog!

  2. Oh yes! All I have to say is “nap jail” all parents will understand. Tow kids under 3 I don’t have time to get a good shop in. Or I can’t remember what I needed to get. Mom brain! Can’t wait to try this.

  3. I am definitely going to try this. I live on the second floor with no elevator, so bringing up all those groceries is very hard. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. As I have many health problems that sometimes stop me from leaving my home this makes it so I can still get the food my family needs to survive. And as so many others have said it is very cold out there at times. This is a win/win for me and my family.

  5. I think I would use this service to save time wondering around the store and to save money by stopping any impulse purchases!

  6. I would do online shopping if it’s really cold and I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I would also use online shopping if I didn’t have the time to go to the store, I have 4 kids at home.

  7. i am so excited to have my groceries delivered! My husband has progressive MS and I work full time-this will be a time game changer for me1

  8. I am going to try this because shopping with my 6 year old is a headache and I would love to avoid shopping to save time.

  9. I am disabled and have to do most of my shopping on line so when I found out about save on foods having this service I was right on board! Love it, love it!! Also helps with depression of being at home all the time ;-(
    Again really love this and will do it always…

  10. 1) I live downtown where we don’t have any large grocery stores in walking distance.
    2) It’s freezing cold out right now!

    I also love that it’s saves your list. Seems like it would become super convenient and time saving!

  11. We have health issues that make going out to do our grocery shopping both difficult and exhausting. Other delivery options have been disappointing or too expensive to use on a regular basis. So, this option is absolutely perfect for us. We can get the quality and selection that we need delivered right to our door. We’ll save a lot of money. Oh, and yes, no going out in the extreme cold! Win, win, win! 🙂

  12. I so need to do this! Grocery shopping with my two year old takes me so long (and you’re right, it’s cold out there!)

  13. I would use this option because I am going back to work from maternity leave next week. Convenience is key! Plus my husband usually does the shopping but he waits until we have NOTHING left in the house to eat. If I order online on my lunch break at work, he can pick up on his way home.

  14. Would love to use this when Ive got the ‘heavy trip’ to do – cat litter, cat food, 2L drinks, etc. Especially in the cold!!

  15. I have a toddler and not having to leave the house to get my groceries is AMAZING! I also like being able to shop late at night and not have to worry about store hours.

  16. I think I woiuld use it if I was not feeling well and needed groceries or in very cold weather like we are having lately.

  17. I would love this because I can sit at home (where it’s nice and warm) and shop at 2 am if I choose AND I don’t have to drag kids around the store!

  18. Hey,
    Loved the video super awesome people you got to spend time with during your visit.

    My reasons for online order and delivery is the cold yes that’s one, small children and store don’t get along haha that’s 2, also my husband works construction so loading the truck was always a messy situation we would unload the groceries and always left with a huge puddle of who knows what all over my floor. Since save on came to Winnipeg I have not done a big shop in store. I also unpack my Groceries in my pj’s.

  19. Online shopping is convenient because:

    A. I’m currently on maternity leave and we only own one family car. It’s convenient to get the grocery done before my husband comes home from work!

    B. We love in winterpeg, staying indoors is best during -32 weather!

  20. 2 reasons to use this would be convenience and ease. I have an 8 month old and it’s difficult to carve out time especially if my husband is working on call. I would definitely try this out!

  21. Grocery shopping is one of my least favourite things to do. Doing it online would be great. Do you deliver ?

  22. Im dying to try this service – it’s good to know it works well. We buy a lot of groceries each week too and the time it would save, combined with not schlepping everyone out in the cold would be great!!! It’d cut down on the impulse buys too!!!

  23. How convenient! I don’t drive and getting my fiancé to go grocery shopping is like pulling teeth so I think I will have to try it.

  24. I am so excited to learn about the service! As a mom to four kids, one with autism and a disabled husband I am always looking for ways to save on time! Not to mention, I don’t need to schedule shopping trips around appointments, and school!

  25. I would love to use this service as the Save On locations aren’t really close to my home but I LOVE the amazing selection of products they offer! It would be worth my while to order online for delivery to be able to access the selection of different products at great prices!

  26. I would definitely be interested in online shopping for groceries… wouldn’t have to take my kids to the store and I like that the deals are right there.

  27. I’m looking forward to placing my first on line Save On Foods Grocery order. I don’t like winter driving and I don’t like the cold. Plus I like the idea that it gives me more time to do other things then shop for groceries on the weekend.

  28. To save time, it’s a lot easier to just type something in the search bar and click than walking down each aisle!

  29. My reason for using the online shopping would be if we had mobility issues and needed items that we could not get out to get.

  30. This service would be so helpful for me because I don’t have a car of my own, and since we usually need to restock a lot of stuff, taking public transit is not ideal. It’s also a time saver because I can never find what I need on the first try – I usually end up circling the grocery store multiple times, so having someone who knows grocery store pick everything up for me would save me a lot of time.

  31. Great article and now I will have to try the online shopping. Have been in the store and find every employee is happy and very helpful.

  32. I wasn’t sure if you could use a gift card for online purchases, so learning this makes me excited. Also I can get very frustrated shopping when its busy so this is a good solution for me.

  33. I have mobility issues, especially in winter, so this service is amazing to me! It is the first of it’s kind in Winnipeg. But yeah, like the previous poster said, I do not want my lettuce, bananas or berries frozen! So i hope they take care of that. … I think it’s a great service for winnipeg! Looking forward to trying it out.

  34. I live just outside Winnipeg, so I am not sure this is an option, but I have an elderly relative, that I grocery shop for, and this would be the perfect solution for weeks when I am away or just cannot make the trip.

  35. Online shopping is appealing to me because I can buy for a loved one…and I don’t have to worry about crushing their pride if I am giving them a hand up. No face to face for them to worry about any ‘feelings’ one might not be wanting to address. I also like that I can shop on my own timeline-whenever I am free.

  36. I would use it if I had a particularly busy week and when bad weather hits like this past week. No shoveling to get to the store. LOL

  37. Online shopping 1. saves me time because I don’t have to set foot in the store or worry about how busy the store is at any one time and 2. Saves me money by allowing me to buy what I need for a meal plan, meaning less meals eaten at restaurants!

  38. It would be so nice to grocery shop in my pj’s from the comfort of my couch. It would be a bonus to be able to avoid going out in the snow! …and it would probably save us money since I wouldn’t be as tempted to impulse buy.

  39. So convenient from the comfort of your home, no driving, not having to go up & down the aisles and no lineups! Perogies right to your door, doesn’t get much better than that 🙂 Perfect way to use my gift cards, plus love the idea that they substitute if you choose, watching out for the best interest of the customer, but you may discover something even better than what you’re use to buying. And the price for delivery is reasonable. Did I miss what does the grocery bill have to be to be considered for delivery?

  40. Online ordering would save me time – especially at a brand new store where I would have to learn where everything is kept. It would also stop me from making impulse buys of candy at the checkout aisle!

  41. I shop online as Its such a huge chore getting the kids ready to go out then supervising them at the store. Its also a huge time saver!

  42. I have a few questions! Is the truck temperature regulated in the back, so for example things like lettuce don’t freeze?

    And what about food allergies? How do they handle that, particularly when it comes to substitutions? For example, my son has food allergies. One of the things he is allergic to is rice. He can only have certain brands of yogurt, because some brands contain rice starch.

    Looks like you had fun!!

    1. Hey there Nicole! I asked Luanne from Save-On-Foods to take a look at your question and here is her response: “The trucks are all temperature controlled. We cannot deliver hot food.
      In regards to the question concerning allergies. The customer can flag the order with no substitution as well as put comments in the Special instructions so that the Personal Shoppers understands the importance of the request and can ensure we follow what the customer specific needs are.”
      Hope this helps!

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