Holiday Entertaining with Save-On-Foods

Food, food, food, and more food!

The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones and eating right?

One of the things we really love about our home is its wide open spaces for entertaining. Our kitchen and dining room are open as well as our great room so whenever we have people over everyone can mingle about in the same space. It reduces having some people upstairs or some people downstairs.

The thing with entertaining is making sure that we have quality food at a reasonable price. Most times we will do potluck but there are many times we actually host and provide the food as well.


I am always looking for new ways to get creative, try new foodie items and keep the costs down, therefore we cook many items ourselves.

Now that Save-On-Foods is in Winnipeg I’ve had the opportunity to check out the different options that they have for appetizers and other finger foods etc.

I really like the Western Family brand! As with most grocery stores it is the proprietary/signature brand for Save-On-Foods.  Western Family provides the same quality items you would pay for brand name items, especially with their premium black & gold label.

For our holiday entertaining on NYE, I used Save-On-Foods online shopping and picked up what I thought would be some amazing flavours for chicken wings as appetizers: Mango Habanero, and Maple & Bacon.


I also picked up a delicious fresh vegetable tray. Have you seen their platters?

Western Family Tree Vegetable Tray w/dip I am in love with the Mango Habanero pepper chicken wings because they have a little bit of kick to them but the Maple & Bacon I’m 50-50. Perhaps it’s the fact that I just love real bacon…by itself! Haha

The Western Family brand also has organic products so I picked up some organic coconut oil as well, perfect for baking and cooking this holiday season. They also offer many other quality every day items that my kids love such as, grape juice, belgian waffles and pancake mix, all at very reasonable prices!

#SaveOnFoods Western Family

Have you tried any of the Western Family products yet?

If not, you will definitely be able to grab a few products if you enter and win this giveaway!


Take a look at all of the wonderful Western Family products on westernfamily.ca, what are the top 3 items you would purchase for entertaining?

33 thoughts on “Holiday Entertaining with Save-On-Foods”

  1. Love love loving the looks of their charcuterie platter. I wanted one throughout christmas!! I think they make several of their own meats. It so overwhelming to be in the store! There’s so much to see! Their bakery…wow! Can gain 5lbs in one visit. Their label Bread 12 grain is great!!! And afforadable!! And we always get some freshly baked deserts…. bar cakes, dipped pretzel sticks, cookies…. definitely love to try their platters! More of their cakes and Natalie was mentioning these wings!!??? (Just not the spicy habinaro ones). Next event, I’m going to try the wings! Thanks Natalie!

  2. I would purchase frozen blueberries and strawberries great on top of oatmeal and also I would buy the Chicken breasts

  3. Jolene Giesbrecht

    I’d love to try any of their frozen fruits (I love smoothies and putting them into my shakes after a workout, and my toddler loves to snack on frozen fruit!)
    Also either the western family organic baby kale salad or the spinach salad. I love both so much ( we eat so much spinach in my house)
    And for a treat, the death by chocolate ice cream. Because chocolate, and ice cream! I seriously need to order now!

  4. Angela September

    oooh lovely!! I would definitely try the Caramel & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar, the Assortment of European Cookies (YUM!) and the Candy Cane Ice Cream!

  5. The top 3 items I would choose are limited edition egg nog, icecream, kenyan reserve coffee and premium fruit cake

  6. We have shopped at Save-On Foods a few times now and some of the products we’ve tried so far are the Swiss chocolate bars, Canadian cheddar cheese and shrimp ring – made our holidays that much more delicious!

    1. Specifically the: Western Family Caramel Truffle Ground Coffee, Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies and eggnog ice cream

  7. I woud certainly get Western Family Candy Cane Ice Cream, Western Family Egg Nog Ice Cream and the Western Family Fruitcake. Thanks

  8. I would get the egg nog ice cream, maple walnut ice cream and candy cane ice cream…yes, I have a little ice cream problem!! Lol

  9. My top 3 would be the Caramel Truffle Coffee which sounds divine!, the Premium European Cookies, and the Premium Swiss Chocolate Bars! Sounds like the perfect coffee break!

  10. Premium Coffee, Premium Swiss Chocolate Bars, and Western Family Classics Candy Cane Ice Cream are the three items I would purchase are the Western Family.

  11. Their Western Family Ground Coffee is very good, as is their salsa, but I’d like to try their cookies which are pretty new.

  12. such a big variety, I would go for the 60 pepper hummus, turkish delight coffee and premium european cookies

  13. I would purchase the egg nog ice cream, Belgian waffles and the caramel truffle ground coffee. I love favoured coffees.

  14. The 3 Western Family products I’d like to try are the Maple Walnut Ice Cream, 60 Pepper Hummus, and Western Adventure Trail Mix! But this list could go on & on!

  15. The top 3 items I would purchase are the Western Family Classics Candy Cane Ice Cream, the Caramel Truffle Ground Coffee, and the Premium European Cookies!

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