#RecycleEverywhere And Make It A Family Affair

The future of the planet is in our hands.

That is a pretty powerful statement right?

It’s also an overwhelming thought.

We are constantly being told in the news that our beautiful earth is being overrun with waste.

What can we do to slow it down and ultimately stop this problem?

Well folks, it’s the little things!

In our home, anything that should be recycled is always recycled!

As a parent of 3 children with varying age groups, it has been imperative to ensure our kids are aware of their impact on the environment.  Our family wants to make sure that we are doing our part every day to reduce waste and recycle.

Each teen daughter has two bins in their room one for garbage one for recycling, and our son leads the pack when it comes to recycling.  He’s the person who will benefit from this behaviour the most.  He’s turning five (the day after Earth Day to be exact), and even when he has play dates, he is the first to show his friends where their recycling belongs. It’s an automatic action, it’s second nature to him, and we love it. This will essentially be his world to deal with in the future so knowing the reasons behind why we recycle and creating that environmentally conscious atmosphere within our home is a very important part of our day to day parenting.

One of the things we use often in our home is bottled water and therefore we always make a point to recycle our empty beverage containers.

We recycle at home. We recycle away from home, and we Recycle Everywhere!

Tell me about how you recycle empty beverage containers in your household! 

Use #recycleeverywhere

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  1. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I think its so important to #recycleeverywhere and we do that too! At home, away from home! It’s important to teach our kids about recycling! We need to do everything we can to help this planet of ours.

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