How A Bill’s Bed Mattress Transformed My Sleeping For The Better

Do you believe in investing in a great mattress?

If so, good for you!

Before you read any further, take a moment to think about your bed right now, more specifically your mattress.

Got it?

Ok, now what is it that you love about your mattress? What is it that you cannot stand about your mattress?

Keep those thoughts in mind as you read on…

Our mattresses over the years have never really been well thought out. We never thought of a mattress as a truly significant purchase. We did not realize that the investment in a great mattress is an investment in your health!

When my husband and I moved in together years ago, we both did the “squeeze test” (where you squeeze the mattress like bread to see if it’s soft or firm enough) on each of our mattresses at the time. His was newer so we kept it.

As time went on, we decided we needed a new mattress, neither of us were sleeping well. We had gone to one local store that also sells furniture, we laid down on a few mattresses , did the “squeeze test” and picked one we both thought “felt good”. Obviously price point was a factor but we were also purchasing other items so we bundled it all together and that was it, new mattress achieved. That was approximately 5 years ago.

Since then, I never really thought that our mattress played a huge role in my lack of sleep because our son tends to interrupt our slumber every night. I end up waking up like a contortionist every morning.

That was until we received a Bill’s Bed mattress. I am telling you this right now – Never underestimate the power of a great mattress!

Who would’ve thought that a queen size mattress would fit in golf bag sized box?

Once we opened it up and followed the instructions, we were amazed at how quickly it fluffed up to a full sized queen mattress. I was not expecting that whatsoever!

Bill’s Bed mattresses are unique in the fact that they are double sided. One side is Plush and the other side is Firm. What would be even better is if they could make one HALF plush and the other half firm.


Well, after almost a month of use I have to say I LIVE FOR THE PLUSH side and hubby likes the firm.

That’s not to say that I cannot sleep on the firm side or hubby can’t sleep on the plush side, it’s just that we have our preferences. So, we’ve created a biweekly schedule.

Every two weeks on a Saturday morning, we flip sides!

Not only am I a fan of the mattress itself, I really like the various features:

  • Completely Canadian Made!  YAY Canada!
  • 100 night risk free guarantee – THIS! Try it out for at least 30 days, I don’t think you’ll be returning it! The memory foam take a little getting used to, but once you do…it’s magical!
  • The newest technology in a mattress including: gel infused, high density, and bacteria-resistant memory foam, with active air technology to keep ya cool at night
  • I don’t know exactly how it works but the fact that I don’t feel hubby move during the night is a HUGE plus in my books! It reduces motion transfer!
  • The removable/washable mattress cover is perfect, as it keeps our bed fresh!

Bill’s Bed has made sleeping (when I actually get to sleep) a heckuva lot better!

Are you ready to purchase a new mattress from a Canadian company that has a great warranty and offers free shipping?  Woohoo!

To add to your excitement about your Bill’s Bed purchase I have a $75 discount code just for you. Head on over to and enter DREAM75 (mattress only).

I can’t wait to hear about your Bill’s Bed experience! Be sure to come back and share your feedback in the comments.

Happy Sleepin folks!

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