November 2, 2017


An Enticing Challenge, My First #NaBloPoMo

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I'm Natalie!

This blogging life of mine has taken a backseat many times, too many times thanks to the day job, family commitments, sickness, you name it! Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t excuses, I’m just speaking the truth.

However, I still consider my blog my baby and while a lot of my content lives on social networks, my blog is still the space that is for me, by me without any cap on characters, rules about handshakes, or carefully coiffed images etc.

Why is it so hard for me to remember that?

Every day I’m on InstaStories sharing titbits and giving a little bit of insight into my daily life but at the same token I could also be doing that on my blog in a variety of formats: written, audio or video AND it will reside there until such time that I don’t want it to be.

What happens if Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest et al go away tomorrow? Where would all of my content reside?

It would still exist on my blog.

I didn’t revamp my blog just for it to sit here idle without any new eyes looking at it!

If I can just keep that top of mind every single day, you guys would not believe the amount of content you would see! There is truly so much going on in this brain of mine. As a matter fact you would also not believe how many items are sitting in my drafts folder right now, it’s embarrassing!

Why am I so hard on myself? Why do I have to be a perfectionist?

For example, if I have something to say on Instagram stories, I just say it. I don’t edit the heck out of it, I don’t make sure it has certain keywords, I don’t make sure the SEO is optimized, I don’t make sure it has the perfect images etc. etc. etc. so why do I give myself so many rules and regulations for a blog post? I’m a busy woman and that’s OK to post and go!  As a matter of fact, I am drafting this post via dictation on my phone. #Winning

I’m thankful that I still am surrounded by people that write great blogs like my friend Casey Palmer. I subscribe to his newsletter and every time I receive a new post in my inbox, I read it and many times I comment. This morning I received his latest post where he had written about the fact someone commented that he appeared to write more about being apologetic for not posting more often, than posting.  He also works a full-time job and has kids and a busy life yet he found the time to write a post and publish it for all of us to read. If he hadn’t done that, if I didn’t support and read his blog, I would never have seen his post about #NaBloPoMo the National Blog Posting Month. Kudos to you Casey!

The goal of NaBloPoMo is to write and post daily for the entire month of November. I need to get back to the writing or the “vomiting on the page” as I like to call it! hahaha

Casey wrote about participating in the event and now I am inspired and motivated to do the same! Challenge accepted!

Today’s post is a little wordy but tomorrow’s post might not be. At the end of the day it’s going to be all me and that’s all that really matters, right? Consistency is key.

So, I’ll see you here again tomorrow maybe not at the same time but definitely at the same place!

Love ya!




p.s. I realize I missed a day, I’ll do my best to make that up somehow haha 😉


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