The Humbling Effects of Attending WE Day Manitoba 2017

WE Day has played a major role in my life for the past few years. It’s such an impactful day full of empowering stories by youth making positive changes in our communities and around the world.

I have attended each year with my daughter as accredited media and as a WE Families Ambassador, but this year I was ecstatic to attend on behalf of national co-title partner TELUS. TELUS has been proud to help inspire young leaders for the sixth consecutive year as a co-title sponsor.

#TELUS #WEDay #RiseAbove


#WEDay #TELUS #RiseAbove

DID YOU KNOW? TELUS and WE Day have been partners for 10 years in total and have extended the partnership for 5 more!

Here’s how my WE Day experience began…

WE Day has the best hype people! Kardinal Offishall and the Celebrity Marauders kept the whole day energized and full of positive vibes!

#RiseAbove is part of TELUS’ commitment to improving the lives of youth and their communities to make help make digital spaces safe places for everyone.

DID YOU KNOW? Cyberbullying is really hurting our kids. Nearly one in two youth have experienced online bullying in the last four weeks.

I was really glad my daughter was with me, as she has also been the recipient of cyberbullying. All of the stories shared about cyberbullying were so powerful, especially Amanda Todd’s mom Carol, it was hard to hear her story and know that her daughter took her own life as a result of online bullying.

In addition to those stories we heard how it affects the mental health of youth and I was fortunate enough to interview a local Winnipegger Ben Sabic about his mental health journey and how he is now an advocate.

Throughout the day we heard from many celebrities as well, they facilitated the day alongside local teachers and leaders. Heartthrob and talented vocalist Tyler Shaw was amazing and I think I’m just getting my hearing back now  – the decibels from the screaming crowd were crazy!

The closing performance with my good friend Jully Black and the Kenyan Boys Choir was emotional and really touched my soul as I’m sure it did to everyone around us.

I absolutely love the local appeal of the day, including local acts like PanicLand, the achievements of local youth across the city who strive to see change in the world, and local champions of change like Alexa Potashnik of Black Space Winnipeg.



WE Day isn’t an event that you can just show up and get tickets for, you have to earn your way there through taking action on a local cause and a global cause.

DID YOU KNOW? There is a WE Day app where you can log your volunteer hours.

I am so amazed and inspired by what Craig Kielburger and his brother have accomplished with this movement. I’ve interviewed him a few years in a row, I didn’t get to this year but he definitely remembers who I am and took a little time out to chat with me!

Overall, WE Day is so much more than just an event one day out of the year, it’s a great goal for aspiring youth to demonstrate their local and global citizenship year-round, and then be rewarded with a day to celebrate their achievements surrounded by likeminded peers.

#WEDay #TELUS #RiseAbove

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