April 25, 2018


Consistency Produces Delectability at Clementine Restaurant

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I'm Natalie!

Let me tell you about this dish…this succulent, flavourful, eat every darn morsel dish. When I eat something that makes me close my eyes to truly savour the food AND not want to speak or be interrupted, you KNOW it’s amazing.
I have had this dish numerous times and each time, I am amazed at how consistent it is, how my taste buds remember and the satisfaction I feel when I’m finished.
That batter on the chicken? Perfectly light and crispy (my sensitive teeth thank you). That chicken? Soooo juicy. That maple sauce? The perfect sweetness. Those pickles? Deliciously tart. That 3 onion dip? Savoury. That freshly baked sourdough rye bread? Divine.
And to top it all off, I had great company and great conversation!

Have you been to Clementine? What’s your favourite dish?

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