Please Don’t Touch My Hair

Can we talk about my hair for a sec? Actually, may I rant about my hair for a sec?

This mane of mine is special and magical! While I can appreciate its magical effect on others when I show and share its versatility etc,that does not equate to approval for people to touch my hair whenever they choose.

When someone treats my hair as if it is a novelty, I get a little frustrated. It is no different than anyone else’s hair, it naturally grows out of my head as anyone else’s does, with different texture. Yet, in certain parts of the world it is considered unprofessional?!? Says who? Ridiculous.

RealTalk: What would make someone think it is OK to put their hand in my hair? I am no one’s personal petting zoo nor am I some type of circus freak. Do they put their hand in anyone else’s hair? If yes, ok then I’m not too mad at them really cuz clearly they have a thing, but if the answer is no, they need to stop. Now.

Over the past little while I have had numerous people put their hands in my hair because “It looks so cool!”, “How do you get it to look like that?”, and other comments. Don’t get me wrong, even if you asked I would still say no. Would you also like to touch my body because my skin colour is “cool” and “looks like that”?

Be mindful of your actions folks, #LookButDontTouch and please #RespectMyHair in all of its gloriousness. #RantOver #pegcitynaturalista #wpgnaturals #DontTouchMyHair

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