Celebrating 4 Years of Natural Hair

✨Today I am celebrating 4 years as a #pegcitynaturalista!

This pic was taken exactly 4 years ago today and it was the first pic I published with my #naturalhair. What a meaningful journey it has been!

Who would have thought it would take me years of feeling the fear of being judged, the societal pressure to have straight hair and battling my own insecurities to wearing my natural hair as it grows out of my head, without alteration/chemicals? Wild.

My experience? *deciphering which products to use (I’ve tagged the pic with the many amazing brands I’ve used over the years)
* realizing the lack of products available to me (having to order them)
* accessorizing with headwraps and rocking my afro puffs in a corporate setting
*wondering if it will grow and how long
*battling strangers wanting to and actually putting their hands in my hair as if I were an animal in a petting zoo.. 〰️
I have never experienced so many challenges for something that appears to be so simple for everyone else.

I love to share its versatility and the magical power it seems to have by placing people in a trance as they look at all the kinks and coils, never looking the same day in and day out.

THIS IS MY CROWN. I love it, and if you do too, then #RespectMyHair.

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