Changing How I See Myself

Years ago I would’ve looked at this pic and been disappointed. As a matter of fact it would never have been posted.

Natalie of the past would see:
– Cottage cheese texture bum
– Cellulite thighs
– Flabby arms
– Upper, mid, and lower back fat
– Shame

Natalie TODAY sees:
– Arms increasing in tone
– Those delts and shoulders tho
– A few areas of opportunity to improve, new goals to tackle
– NO shame in my game
– A confident woman committed to her personal health goals, encouraged by great people in her life
It’s taken years of personal growth and shedding societal bullshit but I am so proud of ME, living my life by my design.

Now go and rock the heck out of your day! I know I will! 😁 👖 : @oldnavy Elevate Leggings

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