Gotta Stay Motivated

It’s hard.
To stay motivated.
To have focus.
To meal plan.
To get up and at ‘em when you could stay in bed.
To fail at an exercise.
To see others’ progress and feel like yours is non-existent.It’s even harder.

To be/feel sick.
To feel pain.
To be/feel tired.
So…what to do?

Cliche as it may be – remember WHY!

Because I love feeling great.
Because I love the after effects of moving my body.
Because I love that feeling of getting my sweat on.
Because I love my body. 😉
Because I love me and other people love me too!
Because I want live a long healthy life and reduce my risk of disease.

So, regardless if you workout hard at a facility 5x a week, or mall-walk, or cycle, or run, or do home workouts 2x a week, or do yoga etc, the most important thing is that you are MOVING and being physically active. And something is better than nothing right?!

Share how you are physically active and let’s encourage each other!

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