June 18, 2020



PegCity born & raised, lifestyle blogger, and positivity enthusiast. I'm here to share about life – from hidden gems to healthy habits and build a community of authenticity.

I'm Natalie!
I mean really see me.⁣

I am black and I am here.⁣
I have BEEN here.⁣

I have been sharing my stories for years and yet none of it has ever been so visible.⁣

I don’t want to wonder why you didn’t acknowledge me before a few weeks ago.⁣
I don’t want to wonder why I was chosen for your event, campaign, or project etc.⁣
I don’t want to feel that I cannot truly express myself in a workplace setting.⁣
I don’t want to feel consistently excluded and underrepresented.⁣
I don’t want to have to be strong 24/7.⁣

But I do.⁣

I want to come as I am without caution.⁣
I want to spread joy and positivity. ⁣
I want to impact lives in a meaningful way.⁣
I want to be heard.⁣
I want to live my life.⁣
I want to be ME.⁣
I want you to see ME.⁣

Without fear.⁣
Without judgement.⁣
Without conditions.⁣
Without COLOUR.⁣

Do you see me now?
📷: Pantel Photography

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