November 2, 2020


Churchill, Manitoba – A Necessary Trip

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I'm Natalie!
I’m here. In Churchill, Manitoba.⁣

Over the past few days I have seen polar bears, gone dog sledding, fed Whiskey Jacks from the palm of my hand, and gazed upon many amazing murals. I am learning so much information about this gem in the North.⁣

But this post isn’t all about the cool factor, this post is about the people, my fellow Manitobans, and their livelihoods.⁣

Jobs, events, projects, initiatives, tourism: all experiencing drastic decline and cancellations right now. Listening to community members speak about this has been heartbreaking.⁣

As a content creator I engage an audience from all over the world but most importantly, from where I live as a Manitoban. I’ve received negative feedback while here with folks expressing their concern and disappointment with my alleged lack of judgment and responsibility (not one of these folks have expressed any concern for me and my wellbeing but that’s beside the point).⁣

This adventure has followed all of the guidelines in relation to the restrictions and has been extremely secure. I am a part of a very small group of media-type folks on an invitation-only trip.⁣

Many Churchill residents have messaged me to express concern about other visitors not following the rules, and a majority of residents have also expressed gratitude for the visitors who are here stimulating the economy in a town that has experienced so many hardships in the past few years. Both perspectives are valid.⁣

As I continue to explore the town and surrounding area, immersing myself in the history and community, I am reminded of one of the reasons I have this platform: to share and engage in a positive and responsible manner.⁣

It’s their busiest season and it’s been decimated by current events. With the content I share, I am supporting a community in my province that will need the help of many to recover. Cities like Winnipeg can bounce back, remote tourist towns like Churchill may not.⁣

At the end of the day, once it’s safe for all to travel again, my hope is that I’ve captured some of the awesomeness of Churchill, enough to encourage you to choose it as your next destination. They need you.⁣

That is why I am here.

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