January 17, 2021


Two Great Products to Get Your Family Ready For Cold and Flu Season

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Are you ready for the cold and flu season in your household? I am now, thanks to receiving a couple of items from Vicks and Braun to help my family prepare for the winter season in one of the most unprecedented years we’ve ever experienced.

My son is susceptible to nosebleeds, dry skin, and is still attending school on a daily basis here in Winnipeg, so he is also potentially exposed to viruses. The Vicks® FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier is filter-free (my favourite feature) and helps to keep my son’s room at a humidity level where viruses are reduced.


It’s simple to use because you just add cool water and turn it on! No need to fumble with filters and multiple pieces to the product. It’s really easy to fill up and clean. The ultrasonic format makes sure that it’s super quiet and doesn’t affect my son’s sleep. If he does start to feel under the weather, I can easily add a scent pad to help with congestion and breathing. The Vicks® VapoPads come in menthol, rosemary, and lavender scents.


Should my son develop a fever, the Braun ThermoScan® 7 In-Ear Thermometer will simply and efficiently tell me within minutes if I need to provide any additional methods of care. 

This thermometer fits nicely in the palm of the hand and is comfortable to handle, not too bulky. Power it on with the press of a button, it has a gentle built-in night light to ensure you can effectively take your child’s temperature at night time. I think we can all agree, that’s usually when we as parents are checking for fevers!

Place one of the disposable lens filters on the tip of the thermometer (you receive 20 in the box), and select your child’s age group (0 to 3 mths, 3 to 36 mths, and 36 mths plus). The temperature of a four-year-old could be considered a fever in a newborn, so this is a great feature and shows that this product is a staple item as your family grows! 

It automatically pre-warms the tip to 34 degrees Celsius to ensure professional accuracy. Once you’ve safely and comfortably inserted it in your child’s ear, press the button to get the reading, a beep will let you know it’s complete. On the screen, you will see the temperature of your child and it’s colour coded as well: green for normal, yellow for fever, and red for high fever. Press the trigger button to dispose of the filter right into the garbage and just like that it’s ready to take another reading without spreading germs. It’s that quick and that simple!


I am comforted knowing I have these products in my home for this upcoming cold and flu season. If you’d like to check them out for yourself, they are available at your nearest Toys “R” Us.

Share some of the ways you are preparing for the cold and flu season this year!

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