January 3, 2022


The Last Time I Left My Comfort Zone

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Bloganuary Day 3

Today’s Prompt: Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

I am participating in Bloganuary a month-long blogging challenge with daily writing prompts. No pressure, just having fun with it and bringing consistency back to my writing!

This is a tough one. I say that because I feel like I’m always leaving my mini comfort zones, but if I have to give one major example, I’d have to say it was leaving my corporate HR job in 2020 to work at a boutique HR consulting firm.

It was always in my head that no matter how much I wanted to consult, there was a safety in corporate HR roles, especially in a larger organization. However, I was not happy. I hadn’t been happy. The majority of the work did not fuel my passions – but the relationships did, they always do.

Consulting for a firm has brought about new changes to “how” I work in addition to the types of relationships I have with clients. Every client has different needs and unlike corporate, each client doesn’t get the same canned HR info from the powers that be. The brain stimulation has been wonderful! There’s still something missing though…

My ultimate goal is to work for myself, to have my own consultancy, and perhaps that’s a comfort zone I’ll write about leaving in the near future!

What happened the last time you left your comfort zone?

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