Stylish Quality Fashion for Busy Women

Thinking about style and fashion for your busy life?

I’m constantly switching gears from consulting to teaching to content creating to being mom, wife, grandma, daughter, sister, friend and everything in between. Why not look stylish while doing it?

I’ve been able to find the perfect outfits for all aspects of my daily life at Cleo!

The customer service is always top notch and I see everyday women of all ages and sizes finding what they need as they browse the racks.

Their sustainability measures are wonderful too! On almost every piece of clothing there is an ‘impact’ statement as they work towards creating a greener future, one garment at a time.

I connect with Cleo on a deeper level as well, they are dedicated to Canadian women who have been affected by breast cancer. Raising millions of dollars for research for prevention, detection  and treatment.

Need more details about what I’m wearing? Shop my looks below!


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