Weekly Challenge Series: Self-Love

Write a letter to yourself, and describe all of the things you admire about yourself.

intelligent change

Dear Natalie,

I admire you for many things and I appreciate the woman you are today. Here are a few things I admire most:

Your energy

Your entire vibe is undeniable. Your zest for living life unapologetically shines through you with that smile. You want to connect with people and you want them to feel that energy too.

Your patience

You are consistently patient in situations where others want to rush your timeline for their own motives. You take your time to respond with intention to various inquiries and feedback. You know that what is for you will come to you in due time.

Your vulnerability

You are open unabashedly with so much of who you are that no one really has to guess. Yet, you don’t share every little detail. You protect the most intimate parts of you. You are open-minded, self-aware and willing to learn.

Your generosity

You give your time and energy to many people and things where you can easily say no. You choose to give informed information freely to those who ask and to those who don’t. You share your successes with others and support their growth.

Your authenticity

Cliche as it may sound…you are YOU! No persona. Who and what you see is who and what you get, online and offline. You have no one to prove anything to but yourself and you know it. You live and speak your truth.

Keep growing and being you, cuz there is no other Natalie E Bell!


Me 🙂

What do you admire about yourself? Share!

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