May 25, 2023


5 Practical Tips For Buying A New Car

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The last time I purchased a new car was just over 17 years ago. It’s been a couple of weeks and it still feels like I’m driving around in a car rental hahaha

buying a new car

The car buying process is not for the faint of heart, a lot has changed in 17 years; pricing, interest rates, functionality and most importantly availability, for both new and used/pre-owned.

However, knowing that my other car was not going to last forever, I saved up a lot of $$$ so that I could put down a significant down payment. I haven’t had a car payment in over 10 years y’all!

Anyhoo, a few PegCityLovely practical car buying tips if you’re searching for a new vehicle:

practical car buying tips
  • Do your research before you step foot in the dealership! What do you really need vs what you want? It can make a huge difference in price. Be mindful of all the “extras/add-ons”
  • Truly connect with the sales folks – it’s important. There were some dealerships I went to where both lack of confidence and overconfidence turned me off and even if I loved the car I had to walk away and go elsewhere.
  • Prepare to spend a lot of time. Test drive as many vehicles as you can consecutively to really get a feel for them and be able to compare appropriately – take notes!
  • If you are able, bring someone with you who knows cars. I’m lucky enough to have a hubby who is obsessed with cars so he was able to ask a lot of great questions I wouldn’t have thought of
  • Do not feel pressured! It’s a huge decision and investment, if something doesn’t feel right, go home, sleep on it and return again the next day.

Hope these tips for buying a new car have been helpful folks! Shout-out to the team at Birchwood Honda Regent for their awesome customer service.

Kaylan, product advisor extraordinaire, found me the perfect slightly used 2023 Honda CR-V Sport (by a Wpg Jet no less) that will hopefully last me another 17 years!

buying a new car

Looking forward to making new memories and maybe even heading out on a long road trip. Now I just need to figure out what name to call my new car…lol

Is there anything you’d like to add to my tips about the car buying experience? Many folks read the comment section to find additional tips and sharing is caring! Share away!

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