January 12, 2024


My Go-To Snack

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I'm Natalie!
What snack would you eat right now?
Bloganuary Day 12

I think this has been the simplest prompt for Bloganuary so far! But ok, let’s talk munchies!

I’d absolutely eat my Kirkland Roasted Seaweed right now. I could eat multiple packages a day, I love them THAT much!

There’s just something about its crispy texture and savory taste that makes it soooo good. It helps that it is also a healthier alternative to the usual chips and dips. So, if you see me reaching for a snack, chances are it’s a pack of this seaweed goodness. Judge not!

Anyone else a fan of these? Let me know your favorite snacks in the comments – I’m always up for trying something new!

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