January 3, 2024


My Unique Educational Path

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Bloganuary Day 3

Hey Beautiful People! Here we are at Bloganuary Day 3, chatting about our college days. Well, I’m talking college and university because I’m in Canada. Now, I’ve got a bit of a unique twist on this one. My journey through education has been anything but straight and narrow – it’s been full of surprises, lessons, and a whole lot of growth. Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane after high school graduation.

So, picture a younger, eager me stepping into the world of higher education. I kicked things off at the University of Manitoba, diving headfirst into Computer Science and Applied Math. It was a world of complex problems and endless possibilities. But life, as it loves to do, threw me a curveball. Financial challenges meant I had to leave and join the full-time workforce. Tough? Absolutely. But it taught me resilience like nothing else.

Fast forward a bit, and I found myself at the University of Winnipeg. Public Relations was the game, and I was all in. Did I finish? Not quite. But here’s the twist – I’m now teaching at the same university in their PACE program. Talk about coming full circle!

“Every step in our educational journey paints a part of the bigger picture that is our life.”

There was also University of Toronto where I completed my Certificate in Publicity and Public Relations via distance education, a proud moment of persistence and dedication. My final chapter was Red River Polytechnic (formerly College) where practical skills met real-world scenarios, and I graduated with Certificates in Management Development and Human Resources. I’m in my 24th year as an HR professional!

Each step, each turn in my educational path, has been about growth, adaptation, and finding my true calling. From student to teacher, learner to leader, every experience has been a very important part of my journey.

Now, I’m turning the spotlight over to you. What’s been the most impactful part of your educational journey? Dive into the poll below and let’s see the beautiful tapestry of paths we’ve all walked. And hey, don’t just stop at the poll – share your stories in the comments. I’m all ears!

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What aspect of your educational journey has had the most significant impact on you?

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  1. Jo says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog!

    Last week I was reflecting on how downtimes in life, loopholes, obstacles and set backs often turn into full circles, with enough grit and a system of engrained habits done overtime. Kudos to you and I’m wishing you all the best in your journey. I’m approaching 35 and my overall learning journey is similar to your college journey .

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