January 10, 2024


What I Miss From My Youth

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Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a youth. What became of it?
Bloganuary Day 10

Day 10 already? This Bloganuary challenge is moving quickly! But you know what? I’m loving it! The consistency I have every evening to write and publish a post has been refreshing.

Ok, now for the matter at hand. All I remember being really attached to were my books; specifically, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books! Oh and my Archie comics!

I don’t recall dolls, or other toys…maybe an Easy Bake Oven? But there was nothin like my books! I was a voracious reader.

No idea what became of my collection but I do know that I did end up getting a copy of a Nancy Drew book for an Indigo campaign a couple of years ago (how did they know?!?).

Those books shaped a part of who I am today. They nurtured my love for reading, my flair for storytelling, and my belief in the power of curiosity. In a way, they helped steer my path as a content creator, sharing stories with all of you.

I love this prompt and look forward to reading others’ responses. I don’t mind dwelling in my childhood for a lil bit., how about you?

Is there an item from your childhood that you were really attached to? Share in the comments, and let’s take a trip down memory lane!

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