Have It Your Way Giveaway

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Beginning November 5, PegCityLovely will be participating in a giveaway where the prize is $200 towards anything you want! How awesome is that!? Christmas isn’t too far away, or maybe you want to treat yourself to a new iPod or that spa day you’ve wanted, perhaps a power tool? (yea I’m graspin)

Are you a Blogger? Do you want to participate in this FREE “Have it Your Way Event”? Then all you have to do is write a promotion post (like this one) and you’ll receive a Facebook link. The sign-up form lists the costs associated with not posting and details regarding the purchase of additional links ($2 for standard and $3 for daily votes).

The giveaway will be open Worldwide and will run from November 5, until December 5, 2012.

This amazing giveaway is celebrating the launch of Pink Ninja Media and it would be awesome if you joined me!  My fabulous new friend Sarah from Journeys of the Zoo is doing it too!  Sign up HERE

If you win, what will you do with the $200? I’m curious!


  1. WELL HELLOOOOO Peg City Lovely LOL.. This is Kevin from Linkies Contest Linkies. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today!! Love it.. and love your blog nice layout, nice header and it has such a nice clean design.

    Although this event you posted about I won't be joining as I am up to my ears in events lol.. please feel free to let me know when this giveaway is live and I will put it on my giveaway/sweeps site.

    Great to meet you natalie

    Kevin 🙂

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