May 7, 2013


My Postnatal Body Drama: I Want My Butt Back!

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I'm Natalie!

I’m having a little postnatal drama folks.   I want my butt back! That would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift! 😉

How is my butt gone you ask? How did this tragedy occur? My butt was my ‘THANG’, my ‘BAM’, my ‘DANG GURRRRL’! It was one of the body parts that I was always so fond and proud of…and now it’s gone, disappeared! Having this last baby of mine has resulted in losing one of my biggest ‘ass’ets and I’m devastated!

I am now on a mission to fix this issue.

This is what I looked like a year before I became pregnant:

PegCityLovely at her finest

Last fall I participated as a mommy model for a postnatal fitness segment on Fit and Fabulous with Marlo (formerly GirlTalk) at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe hosted by Marlo Boux and featuring Mary Ann from Higher Level Fitness.  Mary Ann had given quite a few tips on getting back your pre-pregnancy figure, and I’ve followed them…most of them…well, some of them.  OK, maybe one or two?

My son just turned 1 year old and I still have some work to do on this post-baby body of mine.  It’s so weird to see my jeans just hanging off of me.  Again, this is not something I remember after having my girls, but I was much younger then. Sigh. I digress…

In addition to Mary Ann’s tips, there are a few things that have been helping me out:

  1. I took a Zumba class on Tuesdays and a Pilates class on Thursdays through the local school division continuing education department.  I  LOVED these classes! Shaking my booty (what’s left of it) with Kathy at Zumba and getting my flexibility back with Linda at Pilates was wonderful.  I actually would love to be doing these 4 days a week but I do have to remember I’m a busy mom who’s back at work full time, I don’t want to overload my schedule!  Now, I just need to sign up again!
  2. I’ve been doing my best to follow the tips in the Get Fit Newsletter from Mary Ann at Higher Level Fitness.  This newsletter is in my email inbox every Monday morning and is a great way to start my week!  Mary Ann is blunt, honest and provides excellent information with every edition.  Check out the yummy recipes she throws in there too!
  3. Better meal planning!  It makes a huge difference to stick to the grocery lists and actually write the meals we plan  to have on the family calendar.  We are definitely eating healthier meals, because we are planning them that way.
  4. Daily walks.  Now that the weather is warming up in Winnipeg, walking in our neighbourhood is a top family activity, especially since the area in which we live is completely pedestrian friendly.  We walk everywhere: checking out the new park, the future site of the new school, and the new commercial developments.

Now. all of this is great, but is it enough? Nope, not yet!  I apparently need a lot of squats and a regimen that I need to stick to, after all I need to look fabulous for my wedding day haha!  I WILL get back what once was MINE! Who’s with me?!?!?  Let the journey begin…

Do you have any tips and tricks on getting your booty back after baby?  Share them here!





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  1. Tammy says:

    One word. Squats. Do them with good form and your booty will reappear.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Dang girl! that is a nice 'ass'et! good luck on bringing it back

  3. I wish I had tips! However I got back in shape with FitMom. She has classes and awesome dvd's.

  4. I just keep on keeping on! The app Fitness Pal helps me stay on track.

  5. LOL! Great post! I want my boobs back! ha ha not that I had much to begin with but breastfeeding three kids sucked the life out of them! Good luck to the return of your booty! For me, Victoria secret and her padding with be my new best friend!

  6. Good for you Natalie. It is so hard to get that pre baby body back. The trouble with me is that I didn't like my body when I got pregnant so I want to get back and further!

    I go to CrossFit twice per week and walk at least once a week. Plus, I am going to Weight Watchers.

    I think perseverance is the key!

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks Kerrie! How do you like CrossFit? I hear so much about it lately. I was thinking of trying the Weight Watchers online as well. I'm determined to get my body back – but what doesn't help is I'm in such a sedentary job all day – in front of email and systems. I'm trying to find ways to get some fitness in at work too.

      • Mary Ann says:

        Ladies, getting our booty back doesn't mean just jumping on the fitness bandwagon and diet trend. Your body shape, lifestyle ( as Natalie states about her sedentary job ) and choices of food all play a role.

        Time for a post !! Stay tuned;)

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