November 19, 2013


Personal Safety is Priority with the React Mobile App

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I work in an industrial area near a not-so-great neighbourhood and there are many days when I am one of the very last people to leave the building. Walking from the building to my car across a dark parking lot all by myself can be a little intimidating. Yes, there are some cameras monitoring the lot but that doesn’t satisfy my protection and safety needs. I was recently made aware of a new app called React Mobile. It is a FREE personal safety app that is like your virtual bodyguard!

I decided to try the app last week as I knew I would be staying at work late. I proceeded to press the Follow Me button on the app as I was preparing to leave the building.  The “Follow Me” feature allows your self-selected contacts the ability to track you in real time (in my case, I chose my fiance). As soon as I was in my car, doors locked, I decided to try the Send an SOS function to see if it really worked. Lo and behold within seconds my fiance called me in a panic because he had received a text that he needed to be concerned for me and my whereabouts. I probably should have told him about the app BEFORE I decided to try it out on him! After I calmed him down, I then pressed the “I’m Safe” button and went about my long commute home.

As a mother of tween/teen daughters, this app is great, knowing that they can instantly let me know where they are if they are in a bind helps to ease my anxiety when they take public transit or stop off at a friends house.

The React Mobile app can be downloaded using an iPhone or Android and is very simple to use. Curious about how it works? Watch this tutorial:

[embedit snippet=”reactmobile”]

As for some constructive feedback, I was concerned that perhaps it was too easy to send an SOS message if I didn’t really want to, but then again that might defeat the purpose of the app if you have to have too many keystrokes in an emergency. I also wonder about the tracking mechanism and if I don’t close the app after using it, will it continue to follow my every location without me asking it to? Lastly, how are my memory and battery life of my phone affected while this app is live. I wouldn’t want to be in an emergency and have my phone start to shut down because the app is using up too much juice!

Overall, the app is very user friendly so I have no doubt in my mind that my daughters would find it useful, I know I did! Clearly it’s not just for those of us with children though, it’s great for university students on campus, or even for folks who work alone, such as realtors. The React Mobile app may also be used in any country, which is another great feature if you end up in an unknown area and need assistance.

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Ready to download it for yourself? Here are some helpful links:
· Apple iTunes Download   · Google Play Download (available on select smartphones)

Be sure to stay tuned for further updates about React Mobile on their website, Facebook page and Twitter.

Stay Safe!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by React Mobile.  All opinions are honest and mine, all mine.


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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    This is the first I have heard about this app but it sound great and I am going to go try to find it and download it to my phone!!

  2. Emilia says:

    great, I like looking for cool apps, and this one provides a good service too, thanks for the review

  3. MrDisco says:

    sounds like a great idea for an app!

  4. Rick F says:

    very interesting.

  5. Maggie says:

    That app sounds very useful. Your poor fiancé must’ve been freaked out when he got that message. 🙂

  6. Susan T. says:

    This sounds like a great idea! Everyone should have it!

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