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2014 Spring Maternity Fashion Trends

Now before you all get excited, no, I am not pregnant – that ship has sailed! However, when I saw the latest maternity fashion trends from Thyme Maternity for spring, I was thinkin DANG, I kind of wish I was preggo again hahaha!

thyme maternity

I mean it wasn’t that long ago since I was actually pregnant with J, but no matter what, I always get jealous of the items that come out AFTER I no longer need them. Like c’mon!

Take these jeans for instance:

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Um, they look like normal jeans to me! They all come with a 3 in 1 belly panel so that you don’t have to sacrifice style or functionality – a huge plus for moms-to-be. It was very important to me to be wearing similar clothing to my pre-pregnancy daily wear.

How about these dresses?

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Cute dresses right? Do they ever look comfortable! Pants, jeans and dresses weren’t my biggest issue when I was pregnant,  finding fashionable tops was my biggest pet peeve. I remember stretching out a few of my regular shirts because they fit me the way I wanted them to.  I wore the shirt below when I was 36 weeks ( I still wear this shirt now lol).

pcl 36 weeks

Luckily Thyme Maternity has some really cute tops for casual days or steppin out for a romantic dinner!

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I love that Thyme Maternity has taken runway trends and turned them into funky fitted maternity clothes that work  no matter which trimester you are in! I may have come to the end of my pregnancy journey(s) but I know a lot of my friends have yet to embark on theirs. Hey, I can still help shop folks!

Are you a mom-to-be? If so, what do you think of Thyme Maternity’s spring line?


  1. These outfits are so cute. Things have changed since I was pregnant a few years ago too. Of course, with my older kids the clothes were ugly especially jeans. My last pregnancy, I loved my jeans. They were stylish and actually cute looking. I am like you, I can’t have any more babies but these cute clothes make me wish I could have another baby.

    1. Lol fugly is more like it – half the clothes I had during my first pregnancy were like tents, and tents with bad patterns! Apparently a lot of Thyme’s tops are transitional which allows for use after pregnancy?

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