October 27, 2014


Exercising #CentsAbility Is My New Way Of Life

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The Manulife #CentsAbility challenge is almost over, how did YOU do?

Better yet, how did I do?

Almost a month ago I shared my decision to join the #CentsAbility challenge as a way to help me start saving for my upcoming destination wedding.

To be honest, it wasn’t about saving enough money in the 30 days to book the wedding venue etc, it was about making little changes every day and week to minimize impulsive spending habits and ultimately begin to save money with a change in behaviour.

How did I minimize my impulsiveness?

I took a look at simple things like labels at the grocery store:

Normally, I’d buy the 5 items because I’d get more of a deal, but was I really saving? Did I really need 5 at that point in time? #CentsAbility for me has really become a change in my thought process, not just change in my wallet.

From making lunches daily to buying a large package of pre-ground coffee, I realize how much money I am saving by not purchasing items unnecessarily.

Let’s not forget those gift cards! I swear they burn holes in my wallet because I always forget that I have them! This month I was sure to use them for those times I truly didn’t have any items to make up a great lunch.

I still have a gift card from Cineplex so the hubby-to-be and I can have a date night without breaking the bank! (I hope he’s reading this haha)

Not only did I minimize my impulsive spending habits, I took advantage of savings opportunities offered by one of the financial institutions I use for my day to day banking. This particular institution has a program called Save-Matic which allows you to arrange automatic transfers to your savings account. Simply specify the amount and how often you want the transfers to take place. It’s an easy way to commit to a savings plan. Every payday a certain amount is locked away – outta sight, outta mind!

Manulife offers a variety of accounts to assist with providing financial flexibility, and a few are quite creative such as Manulife One.

To ensure the family continues to be a part of the overall change in habits, we’ve continued to build upon our Family Fun Fund jar. It is an electronic money saving machine that sits on the kitchen counter right beside the phone. We all make sure to put our spare change is in there. Yep, even the teen (although reluctantly). We have almost $200! It’s a great way to save up so we can dine out at a restaurant with our family of 5.

#CentsAbility challenge

I still have a long way to go to achieve the amount I’d like to save for my wedding; however, I am proud that the change in behaviours I’ve made so far have put me on the right track.

I guess you will all just have to stay tuned and see if I end up eloping or actually having the wedding of my dreams!

Did you participate in the Manulife 30 day Challenge?

Share some of your tips!



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  1. Tahj Gordon says:

    OMG my savings jar is a pringles jar!!!!!!

  2. JaimeeM says:

    I definitely need a money saving jar like that.

  3. Christian Clarke says:

    It is very good to budget as it instills discipline

  4. It is good to save main, it teaches people discipline!!

  5. loriag says:

    I like not buying things just because they are selling them in bulk. I have got sucked in on that a few times.

  6. Judy Cowan says:

    I did not participate but we do have to save money to pay off some new living room furniture we got so I am trying to watch/change our spending habits so we can save the money we need. Buying those unnecessary items is one area I am working on stopping.

  7. MrDisco says:

    saving for a specific goal is also a noble endeavor

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