#CarlsCrew #CommitToFit

Week 5 Food Journal Challenge #CarlsCrew #CommitToFit #Giveaway

Time to record what I eat and when I eat it!

#CarlsCrew #CommitToFit

Alrighty folks, we are in the home stretch! Week 5 of the Subway Canada #CommitToFit Challenge is to keep a food journal every day for the entire week.

To be honest, last week’s sleep challenge was a fail for me. A full night’s sleep is wishful thinking in my world! It seems as if the only way I get sleep is when I travel. Pretty sad, I know, but it’s my reality. One day at a time folks, one day at a time!

Anyhoo, back to this week’s challenge. Thankfully, technology and my app-happy self are ready to go this week. As an app lover any day of the week, this food journaling will be a breeze thanks to the MyFitnessPal app (join me, my username is pegcitylovely). It’s super easy to use and already has a ton of pre-existing foods that I eat on a regular basis. I literally have to press a few buttons and I’m all done!

[bctt tweet=”@SubwayCarl says: Keeping a food journal is the best way to track your own personal eating trends and ensure you’re getting the right nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet each day”]

Tracking my food habits for the past few days has been eye-opening as I am seeing where my food is distributed (i.e. carbs, protein and fats). So far I’m in line with where I should be, so that’s great to see!

I’ve definitely been eating healthier over the past couple of years since my pregnancy and I’m glad the effect of that change shows.

Your food journal may surprise you! Perhaps you are eating too much of the same type of food every day? Or maybe you notice that you aren’t getting enough of a particular food group. A food journal helps you to know how to adjust and balance your daily eating habits.

This challenge has been great for reminding me how to stay on top of my wellness. It won’t end after 6 weeks for me! It’s important that I continue my healthy behaviours for years to come.

I hope many of you are joining in with me!


What is the greatest benefit for you to personally keep a daily food journal?


  1. when I keep track I am less likely to eat snacks because i don’t like the effort of writing it down. I usually snack on the go!

  2. I think it would help me to figure out what all I am eating, how much of it is healthy or unhealthy and where I need to make changes.

  3. The greatest benefit for me is to be more aware of what I am eating and to see ways that I could improve my diet.

  4. I can keep track of what I am eating, when I am eating and how well-balanced my diet is or isn’t.

  5. The benefit for me is to keep track of what I am eating and my activity. I like to track the days I walk.

  6. The greatest benefit of a food journal is that it makes me really think about what I’m about to eat. Do I want what I’m about to eat be written down?

  7. I have never kept a journal,but would be a great idea,to keep track of what I am actually eating!

  8. It gives me a great visual of what is going into my body….a reminder to eat healthy and eat smart.

  9. I have been following Weight Watchers since September so a food journal has been crutial to my weight loss success!

  10. it would be encouraging and motivating to me – i find when i write things down i am more apt to achieve my goals!

  11. The greatest benefit of a food journal is the fact you can track what you have been eating and review your diet!

  12. The greatest benefit would be that I could see what I was eating every day and what I should add or change.

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