Nutrition for Your Kitchen with Nutrigrill #PCLGiftGuide15


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the launch of a “Made in Manitoba” invention called the Nutrigrill, and I was in complete awe, still am!

The Nutrigrill is a tabletop cooking device that uses time tested cooking traditions to put the fun back in food!

It’s a truly interactive cooking tool that makes cooking with family friends even more meaningful. Happily endorsed and supported by Kevin Harrington of As Seen on TV fame, as well as celebrity Iron Chef judge Donatella Arpaia from the Food Network, the Nutrigrill is garnering a lot of attention across the globe!

See for yourself!

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a Nutrigrill to use for myself and my family. I was excited to have people over so we could try it out at home, and see if it really was as easy as it looked at the launch event.


We had a couple of friends and family over shortly after my product teasers on social media. Everyone provided a protein and a vegetable, and of course we provided the house. Cooking together was amazing and what a great way to break in a new product.

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It was completely interactive we had a blast and everyone was so happy with how healthy everything was especially the fact that we didn’t use any oils.

How would you like to win your very own Nutrigrill?


One winner will receive a Nutrigrill. Open to Canada only. Ends Dec 30/15

What is the first meal you would cook with the Nutrigrill and who would join you?

91 thoughts on “Nutrition for Your Kitchen with Nutrigrill #PCLGiftGuide15”

  1. I would cook chicken and pineapple as a first meal!! I would enjoy the meal with my boyfriend and my sisters. We love getting together for dinners and this is very unique.

  2. The first meal I would cook with the Nutrigrill would probably be a sea food stir fry. I would invite my neighbours to join us.

  3. I would make a shrimp stir fry for my family , I would love to try this nutrigrill , or maybe i would make chicken and veggies , not sure what kind of recipes i could do , but it looks like it would bring the kids to the able having a table top grill

  4. I would love to try some chicken and vegetables on it. This is the first I have heard of this but I am very interested in it, would make for some fun dinners! Thanks for letting me know about it (and of course I will keep my fingers crossed!).

  5. First of all this thing is too cool! i have never heard of this product but now totally want it in my kitchen! I would love to make up a chicken stir fry and my hubby would have no problem joining me for that meal 🙂

  6. my hubby would do the cooking and he would probably do something with chicken and veggies. hes an amazing cook and he would cook it for us and the kids.

  7. Some chicken breasts with fresh herbs and some olive oil, and I would love it if my daughter joined me since she recently moved out and doesn’t come over very often.

  8. What I love most about the Nutrigrill is that it heats up almost instantly and offers two temperature zones to cook an entire meal. The first thing I would make would be pork tenderloin pieces marinated in my home made roasted garlic sauce, and some broccoli, cauliflower, fresh garlic cloves with some chicken stock and soya sauce. First time doing using the Nutrigrill with my family would be a riot and I’m sure lots of amazing conversation and laughter!

  9. The first meal I would cook with the Nutrigrill would be burgers and grilled veggies, and I would invite my inlaws over.

  10. I would make chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and onions. What a great grill love it and want one. I would invite my parents, siblings and their kids over for supper.

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