Save on Holiday Necessities with #HolidayCents #Giveaway

If you’re anything like me, the holiday season can get pretty overwhelming especially since I’m more of a last minute type of girl! Choosing gifts to purchase is a lot of work on its own, nevermind the other items you need during the this busy time of year. Putting up the last of the home decor, getting in those last minute salon visits, showing off new items to entertain with and maybe even a little something just to treat yourself, are all items that you may not think about but need to be purchased in addition to holiday gifts.

What’s your favourite online shopping destination?

I have a few different apps and alerts on my phone to let me know of upcoming deals etc. My latest fave is, a company that enables consumers across the globe to find hundreds of thousands of digital offers for their favourite retailers and brands. has a fabulous user-friendly interface and in no time, you are presented with hundreds of deals at your fingertips.


Perfect right?

Not only do I love a good deal, I absolutely love a great challenge. This isn’t just any challenge though, it’s a holiday spending challenge, and gosh knows I’m competitive!

Let’s see how much I can save on There’s only one catch…it has to be non-gift related purchases. No Christmas presents are to be bought whatsoever. It’s ok, have no fear, I can DO this!

I’m as frugal as the next person and I’m all about the budget so I was ready to stretch my $250 to the absolute limit. Here we go!


Have to reduce to the temptation and not buy stuff for the kids haha, I need to remember the task at hand.

First up, click categories then take a look at the “Popular Stores”. I know for a fact that I would find great deals at Indigo, Sears and of course another fave Dynamite. I practically live on, it’s shameful.

RetailMeNot Canada

Just click on the coupon code link and you are redirected to the store’s website to browse and subsequently purchase your items at the discounted rate.


One step at a time, and remember what is needed, not what is wanted. Once I burn that to my shopping brain, it’s quite simple. I can now attend to those items that I neglect every year such as beautiful holiday linens, or even fashionable holiday clothing and accessories.

I started off with getting a few things for ME at Dynamite, yup, I’m starting to that a heck of a lot more lately! Yay Natalie 🙂

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Then, I decided that I better get some items for around the house for entertaining. I picked up some pretty fabulous deals at Indigo on holiday linens and a wine aerator!

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And last but not least, I picked up a simple item at Sears that maybe most people would think I shouldn’t…but people, let me tell ya, I’m tired of nearly chopping up my fingers!


AND because I used, I saved an extra $10 off of this cute lil food chopper!



C’mon, I just saved a ton of cash on multiple great items (before taxes)!

Dynamite 144.75 124.82 19.93 14%
Indigo 124.00 88.75 35.25 28%
Sears 35.99 21.99 14.00 44%
TOTAL 304.74 235.56 69.18 23%

Even with shipping and taxes, I still have just under $5 left on the VISA! Not too shabby!

How would you like to save on your holiday necessities too?

It only makes #HolidayCents to have a giveaway!


This is a quick one folks! One winner will receive a $200 Visa Gift card! Open to Canada, void where prohibited. Ends Dec 22/15 3pm

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68 thoughts on “Save on Holiday Necessities with #HolidayCents #Giveaway”

  1. I’m going to buy myself some clothes this upcoming year- after 5 years as a stay at home mom I’m ready to spruce myself up a bit!

  2. i would buy a juicer and start juicing in the new year. I would also purchase some books and a winter jacket and purse for me

  3. It would be great to Win a $200 RetailMeNot VISA card.
    In response to your question of
    What types of non-gift purchases did you or will you make this year?
    I bought myself some socks and CDs.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  4. I bought some new pillows and towels but that is it. Trying to save money and pay off bills so sticking to a budget right now.

  5. I am actually in need of some new winter boots. Had to throw mine out last year, and walking the dogs in my runners is not fun at all!

  6. I treated myself to mugs that I love, and I plan on buying a new winter coat and boots, but waiting for boxing day sales! 🙂

  7. Our budget has been really tight the past while so we are not making a whole lot of non gift purchases. For ourselves we shop a lot at thrift store and only buy new just what we need like shoes…..with 3 kids someone is always in need of shoes!!! lol

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