March 23, 2016


Changing Up My Home Gym Style with Sears #RenewYou

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How are those New Years resolutions coming along folks? Are you on track?

Still having a #HappyRenewYear?

We are already into the 3rd month of the year and sadly, this is typically when people start to give up on those resolutions.

Have you used any of the 3 tips I provided to stay on track? I know it’s tough but we can get through this together!

I’m always yakking about the importance of consistent physical activity and it is my hardest goal to attain. Something or someone always “gets in the way” of that progress. The more I think about it, that someone is ME!

Changing UpMy Home Gym Stylewith Sears

It’s so important to make the time and there is absolutely no excuse when I have much of the equipment I need at home.

I’ve always wanted to have a treadmill though. Running on the spot doesn’t excite me whatsoever haha!

I don’t need much, but this particular beginner style treadmill from Sears would do the trick:

I love to run outside but for those days when the weather isn’t cooperating, it’s a perfect way to get a total body workout. I don’t need a ton of bells and whistles to get my cardio going.

Having a home gym is definitely convenient  – that’s probably the biggest perk considering you don’t have to leave your house to get a workout! I have a ton of different items I use at home already like my foam roller, skipping rope, yoga mat and weights. You can see a few of them here:

I recently added this GAIAM Multi-Grip Stretch Strap to help me with my biggest problem – muscle tightness and posture.

I’m in a sedentary day job where I constantly have to remind myself to get up and move around. When I get home, I’m stiff especially in my glutes and neck/upper back. This simple strap provides easy exercises to help me increase my range of motion. I can’t use mint oil forever!

All of this workout/home gym chat is great but what type of clothing do you wear?

I’m slightly embarrassed to say I literally interchange between 3 tank tops and shorts to workout or run in.

I’ve also had them for probably 10 years and that may be part of my issue.

Shameful right? I clearly need a better workout wardrobe!

I’ve been checking out the PURE NRG line at Sears and I just might have to pick up a few items.

PURENRG perf tank

I really like the PURE NRG performance tank for the moisture management features. I may not do high impact sports but when I workout you’d think I did!

What does your home gym look like? What are your bare necessities for a home gym?

For more great home fitness ideas and equipment – head on over to the Sears Fitness and Wellness Shop

**Disclosure: Thanks to Sears Canada for sponsoring this post; however, the opinions and feedback shared is mine, all mine!**

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  1. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I have a treadmill and that’s pretty much all i have right now, other then some weights

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