Bad Moms Night Out in #Winnipeg #Giveaway

Raise your hand if you’re a bad mom! And no, my hand is not raised…or is it? HA, I’m JOKING folks!

July 29, 2016 is the release date of a raunchy comedy about a few moms who believe the role is too difficult and thankless. (I must admit, I can agree with the thankless part on many days)

Bad Moms celebrates moms and all that they do for their families (and hopefully themselves)!

Here is a sneak peek about what the movie is all about:


I cannot wait to see this movie, it looks ridiculously hilarious!

How would you like to come to the advance screening of Bad Moms, 7:30pm on July 25, 2016 at Silver City Polo Park?

I have 4, count  ’em, 4 DOUBLE PASSES with prize pack to giveaway! Open to residents of Winnipeg, 18+.

Enter below, and good luck!

What do you think you will like most about this movie? 

40 thoughts on “Bad Moms Night Out in #Winnipeg #Giveaway”

  1. Shamara McGurran

    The combo oh hilarious actresses is sure to be great! My girlfriends and I will enjoy this one for sure!

  2. I look forward to watching these gals bring out the ‘truth in humour’ aspect of Mom judging. It happens! It’s real! And it’s FUNNY!! And this will certainly show why it’s so ridiculous :D. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the friendships and the laughs! I have not laughed so hard watching a trailer in a long time – just hope the movie is as funny and look forward to seeing it with my girlfriends – who have been in the ‘Mommy trenches” with me for the past 12 years!!!

  4. It would be great to win Bad Moms Movie Passes and a Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of What do you think you will like most about this movie?
    I think i’ll like that this movie will make me laugh.
    I like that Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate are in it.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  5. I think I will like it because it seems so honest. All the “perfect” mom’s out there who constantly judge and try to one up the other. It shows that mothers are people too and that they shouldn’t have to lose their identity just because they had kids.

  6. I can not wait to see this movie because it is showing real types of moms. All moms are not perfect.

  7. hoping to win tickets so that i can enjoy a night out with a fellow mom friend. we can laugh at the hilarity of our job!

  8. Janice Cournoyer

    It looks so funny, and I have met all those kinds of Mom’s. Love the actors. should be a blast!!

  9. I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is it approaches some aspects of being a mom that no one talks about. All 3 ladies are hilarious, especially the woman who plays the main single mom role 🙂

  10. Rhonda Thompson

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of the parenting “fails” that happen in our household, on the big screen!!! (I’m thinking that I could have easily been cast in this production lol. No, seriously.)

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