July 17, 2016


Create #RealBrewedmoments with Pure Leaf

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I'm Natalie!

What do you consider a REAL moment in your daily life?

For me, most days a real moment is being able to take a shower longer than 10 minutes without any interruptions! Or perhaps the quiet time I enjoy when my son decides to actually have a nap!

Real moments alone are wonderful but I especially cherish the times when our family is all together playing a game or watching a movie.

During all of these moments, food and refreshments play a big part. In addition to yummy, healthy snacks, we tend to have water and iced tea on hand – we are not a “pop/soda” house whatsoever.

Celebrate real moments with Pure Leaf Iced Tea because it’s real brewed tea, made from real tea leaves.

#pureleafcanada #realbrewedmoments

I can be somewhat unadventurous and typically only drink the plain unsweetened lemon flavour.

#pureleafcanada #realbrewedmoments

A rare real moment on the deck when I get to be alone with my thoughts and my journal.

However, Pure Leaf Tea has so many great flavours, that there is something for everyone!

I recently tried the Pure Leaf Tea peach flavour and was pleasantly surprised! As long as it’s cold, it is very refreshing.

#pureleafcanada #realbrewedmoments

Another real moment, checking out the latest bridal magazine for dress ideas!

The Sweet Tea flavour definitely intrigues me, and you can’t go wrong with Green Tea and Honey right? My next real moment with these teas just might include a cocktail recipe!

Have you tried Pure Leaf Tea? How will you create your own #realbrewedmoments?

For more info about Pure Leaf, head on over to pureleaf.com or check out the Pure Leaf Facebook page.

Sweet sippin,


**Disclosure: Please note I received complimentary bottles of Pure Leaf Tea to facilitate this post; however, the opinions and feedback expressed are mine, all mine.**

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  1. heidi c. says:

    I have yet to try Pure Leaf. I love the idea of fresh, chilled tea as part of a reviving, relaxing break.

  2. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I love those pure leaf products

  3. jan says:

    I really like the sounds of the Green Tea and Honey too! I know that I’ve seen it in the stores, but for some reason I haven’t picked it up.

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