#FeedingBetterDays For Our Children Starts With Breakfast

Do you ensure you eat breakfast everyday? Children should!

Now that school is back in full effect, the morning routine can get pretty hectic. If there is one thing I always tell my kids, it’s that they need to start their day with sustenance! Getting that to happen regularly is a different story…at least for my older kids.

My 4 yr old son settles in to his morning routine with a waffle, oatmeal or bowl of cereal. My daughters (aged 14 and 18), barely eat and then complain later in the day how they are SO hungry. Makes me wonder how they are able to focus throughout the day.

Kellogg’s Breakfasts for Better Days program is helping to bring awareness to a few staggering statistics of what happens when our kids don’t eat breakfast on a daily basis and how it can impact their education.

Take a look:

I encourage you all to read more about the Kellogg’s Breakfasts For Better Days initiative and spread awareness by sharing this post and/or video with your own personal networks!

Let’s start #FeedingBetterDays!

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**Disclosure: I received product and compensation to facilitate this post in partnership with Kellogg’s; however, the content and feedback provided are mine, all mine.


  1. I was scared for my son to start grade one as he was never a breakfast eater. Thankfully 2 days into the school year he reaized how important it is to eat in the morning as he was starving and miserable by the time snack time rolled around

  2. I am the worst at eating breakfast. I usually do not feel hungry until a couple of hours after waking up … but luckily the kids are not that way.

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