September 23, 2016


Confessions Of A Bachelorette Canada Newbie Part 1

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Yep, the title is completely true.

Until now, I have never watched an episode of the Bachelorette or Bachelorette Canada. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Bachelor either!

Yes, it’s true folks!

You may be asking yourself, WHY?, why hasn’t PegCityLovely watched these shows?

Well, I have a three reasons:

1) There came a time where I was on “reality show overload”. It literally seemed as if every channel had a reality show, sometimes it still feels that way. So, I just didn’t bother.

2) I didn’t understand the concept of the Bachelor/Bachelorette – one single person eliminating people one by one from a roster of eligible single people, and all of the drama in between. Meh.

3) I had a ridiculous amount of shows that I was immersed in on a popular streaming service, so they took up pretty much ALL of my time!

That brings us to the present. There are office pools, and lots of chatter  about the show in my social feeds from a multitude of friends. I wanted to join in on the fun and be able to chat about it with everyone else too from time to time.

It also helps that I received this fabulous viewing kit to get me motivated!

Two bottles of Two Oceans wine (Pinot Noir and my fave Shiraz), comfy socks, popcorn, a serving tray and a wonderfully comfortable fleece blanket

Ok, here goes a lil recap of my first 3 episodes:

FIRST EPISODE RECAP (1 hour) Sept 13

Firstly, Jasmine seems like a sweet young woman, I didn’t get any “vibes” when she did her interview.  Funny enough she’s from Kenora, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Winnipeg! She definitely seems down to earth and it brought tears to my eyes when she spoke about losing her dad.

I can appreciate lookin for love, but on TV? Not so sure! Dating a huge group of guys all at once? Kudos to her! Anyhoo, here goes:

My first impressions of the guys (if I had one)…in order of appearance:

Mikhel – aviation engineer – sweet

Thomas – model – sweet

Benoit – maitre d – baggage

Drew – Sales – doesn’t seem genuine – “I can pick up women easily but ready to settle down?” yea, ok.

Kyle – multimedia content producer – the cat guy? lil odd

Mike – Peg City Represent – firefighter/paramedic – lost mom to breast cancer too – sweet

Kevin W – ex navy/firefighter – hunky

Wale – occupational therapist from Winnipeg – Said WOW too much

David – musician/singer – sweet


I’m so curious about their cologne hahaha. I wonder if any of them are drenched in it and she still has to smile through it all?

Andrew – mgmt consultant – not thos most mature first reaction

Taylor – Oilfield operator

Kevin P – Deckhand from Vancouver – didn’t seem nervous but afterwards a lil lightheaded etc – food poisoning ?

Chris – Inventor from calgary – burning rose? a lil odd

Dana – disaster search – did a flip!  What if he flipped and broke his foot!?

Tony – cowboy

Eddie from St Johns – brought telescope- very cool

Scott – carpenter from Winnipeg – total sweetheart

Seth – Bartender – the only one to do a selfie!

Ross – welder from NS – weird poem?!?

JP  from Whistler – butler in the buff – um WHAT?!?!  OMG he was nekkid for real?!? Wowsers!

They were all friendly at that moment but let’s be real, the testosterone was about to get crazy!!!!

Drew was first to snag Jasmine away – there’s just something not cool about that guy…and I don’t like it!

Let’s fast forward to where the real fun begins:

Jasmine takes time to meet with each guy and she exhibits great eye contact.  I can tell there’s a lot of sexual tension between a few of them…

We find out that David can actually sing – I was a lil worried about that! But his taunting the others after such a nice gesture was completely unnecessary.

Then there’s poor Tony – drunk before even getting to meet Jasmine! He interrupts JP and is ready to throw down! He’s already a NO in my books.

My first picks are obviously the Winnipeg boys! Mike seems honest, vulnerable and transparent.

I wasn’t a fan of the many gimmicks and tricks some of the guys engaged in, it was a lil much.

1st impression rose goes to…MIKE from WINNIPEG! BOOYA


At what point are these guys genuine vs knowing they are on TV and just saying what needs to be said?!?

I love that she brought David back to ask about why he chose to ruin the moment with his taunting. The reactions from the rest of guys is nothing short of hilarious!


5 guys go home but all of the Winnipeggers are still in WOOHOO! David too, lucky guy.

Bye to Ross, Dana, Taylor, Eddie, Tony



The Sandals Ochi Beach Resort looks amazing, I happen to be getting married in Jamaica in a few months and after seeing this episode I can hardly wait!

Not everyone is guaranteed a date but the first one goes to Thomas. There’s a definite chemistry but clearly they need more than that!

In this episode Two Oceans wine makes its first appearance.


Drew needs to focus on Jasmine not Chris. Leave the guy alone!

The first group date is at Tuff Gong studios date where the guys had to express themselves with a reggae song to Jasmine and serenade her.

As someone with Jamaican heritage, I can appreciate the effort and fun, but it was a little painful!

The second group date is 5 guys wrestling in a mini round robin tournament. With each of these dates, there is always the potential for a rose or a one-on-one date with Jasmine.

Kevin P seems thrown off with the whole casual dating thing.

Jasmine had some alone time with Kevin W where they clearly made an emotional connection.


What happened to JP’s head? Sunburn? Why is that the first thing I noticed?

Bye-bye to 2 guys: Wale and Seth!


It’s so hard to truly get a sense of who to choose because not all of them get equitable screen time, so I ended up making some assumptions of my own because I keep seeing the same guys being mentioned or shown.

On another note, will I keep watching?

Well, I can’t stop now! I need to see how this all plays out!

Are you a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise?

What are your thoughts based on the 1st two episodes?

Do you agree with my sentiments?

The recaps won’t stop here folks, but I wil do my best to make them a little shorter hahaha!

Happy watching!

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  1. jan says:

    So interesting watching how all of the personalities intermingle.

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