February 13, 2017


4 Reasons To Take Your Vitamins Daily

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A couple of weeks ago I shared the importance of taking essential vitamins on a daily basis to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

How’s it goin you ask?

Well, I’m feeling fabulous, I even took my vitamins with me to Jamaica as I became a new bride!


Jamieson’s Essentials provide a perfect foundation to baseline health, targeting your digestive, heart, bone and whole body health.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of the Jamieson’s Essentials Ive been taking. Read on to see why they are my 4 great reasons for me to stay healthy!

1) Multivitamin #JamiesonEssentialsThis is a must have just to maintain good health. These vitamins are the fundamental nutrients to meet your daily needs. I know for a fact I am not getting everything I need from the food I’m eating. This helps balance me out!

2) Extra Strength Omega-3 #JamiesonEssentialsRemember how I told you about my ticker? Well, my heart has gone through a lot over the past while, I’ve had EKG’s, echocardiograms and stress testing. It appears that I just love too much? Actually I have a minor irregularity that I just have to live with; however, that means I have to take extra special care of my heart. Taking my Omega-3’s will help to reduce my risk of getting heart disease.

3) Probiotics #JamiesonEssentialsI’m going to sound like one big health challenge but let me tell you my digestive system has been an issue since I was young. Too much going on in there! There have been one too many moments where people have asked “Are you pregnant?”, and my response? “No, it’s just gas!” When I get bloated, I literally look 6 months pregnant, so when I tell you how important probiotics are to me, it’s the truth. Get all that good bacteria in your belly!

4) Vitamin D

#JamiesonEssentialsThis is such completely underrated vitamin. So many people focus on Vitamin C instead because they feel they get enough Vitamin D from the sun. Um, WRONG!

Two-thirds of Canadians aren’t getting sufficient quantities of vitamin D to prevent major diseases

I had no idea! Not only does it help your body to absorb calcium for stronger bones and teeth, it also boosts your immune system, especially during those hibernation months we call winter. (p.s. you would have to eat 28 cooked egg yolks a day to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin D during the winter, just sayin!)

Are you convinced about adding your vitamins to your daily routine now? I hope so! If not, what’s holding you back?


When it comes to starting a healthy lifestyle, 40 per cent of Canadians are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and you are definitely not alone. We can work through it together and get creative!

Which of the 4 Essentials is most important to you and your health?

Let’s start there!

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  1. i like to take a multivitamin everyday after have my morning breakfast

  2. Juan Pedro says:

    Nice post!
    Very important to take the vitamins you need, there is any problem if you tale more vitamins that you need?
    All the best !

  3. Heidi P says:

    Sometimes our foods are lacking a good vitamin supplement is what is needed to boost it up. I also love probiotics and try to take one daily

  4. L. Hood says:

    I like to take a multi vitamin and try to cover as many bases at once.

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