Win VIP Passes for the MadewithLove Mixology Event Winnipeg

Canada’s largest mixology competition, MadewithLove™, is making its come back in Winnipeg this year!

14 barchefs from the community will compete for the pride and joy of becoming the best barchef throughout Canada.

MadewithLove™ is a unique experience and is internationally renown for celebrating the creativity and extravagance of talented bartenders. This unforgettable evening of culinary discoveries established itself has a must go since its inception and fits perfectly into today’s trend and enthusiasm for mixology.

How would you like to attend MadewithLove™ in Winnipeg on Monday June 26, 2017 at the Fort Garry Hotel? All you have to do is enter the giveaway below!



MadewithLove™ is the largest and most extravagant mixology event in Canada, what’s your favourite cocktail and why?

13 thoughts on “Win VIP Passes for the MadewithLove Mixology Event Winnipeg”

  1. Heather Witherden

    I’ll never forget the run and red wine cocktail we tried at the last event! Smoky flavors were really trendy!

  2. Stephanie Macdonald

    My favorite cocktail is the Cosmo because it’s sofisticated like the ladies from Sex and the City.

  3. I love a classic Dirty Gin martini with a lemon twist. It’s simple and salty but the lemon twist really changes it and brightens it up.

  4. I love a Caesar its’ refreshing, it’s like you are eating, great all year round, good at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s delicious

  5. Right now, my favourite cocktail is a classic Caesar but I’m a newbie so I probably could find a new favourite at this event! I enjoy Caesars because they aren’t too sweet.

  6. I love a Tequila Paralyzer. I love the taste and it is something I don’t drink too fast. Keeps me from getting too tipsy….

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