September 22, 2017


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Received a complimentary #RecessVoxBox today from Influenster, woohoo! There’s something for everyone in our family to check out! #GotItFree

What is Influenster you ask?

It’s an amazing hub of the latest products and product reviews for and by consumers. YEP! It’s not just a community or website for bloggers etc., but it is expected that you do have some online social savviness, as that helps you become eligible to receive complimentary products to test. Ya gotta be active online to get the stuff folks!

Sign up, complete your profile (fully), connect your social media networks, and start filling out “Snaps” aka mini surveys related to a variety of categories such as: Skincare, Makeup, Food & Beverages, Personal Finance, Bath & Body and many more.

Once you complete the Snaps you potentially become eligible for a VoxBox. However, it’s not just the Snaps that give you higher eligibility, you have an opportunity to write product reviews as well, and each time you do, you get points!

I can guarantee that you have items surrounding you right now that you could literally type into the search box on Influenster and review – just like that! Think about the last snack you ate, or the mascara you just put on, or how about the running shoes you just bought? Review them all on Influenster.

And let me tell ya, those points can add up to a lot and increase your chance of being selected to receive a VoxBox.

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What is a VoxBox you ask? (geez, you are inquisitive today!  😀 )

A VoxBox is a fabulous package of complimentary goodies from national brands for you to try and review – take a close look at the picture I posted above folks, it has a mixture of sample items and full sized items along with coupons for reduced price or FREE products!

Who wouldn’t want in on that? #AmIRight? It’s just a fun thing to do from time to time.

Influenster often has contests and other fun opportunities for everyone to participate in, so stay tuned to their Facebook page and emails for updates.

Oh yea, and just an FYI, Influenster is not just for us Canucks it’s for our American friends too, so be sure to sign up appropriately!

The best part (for me anyways) is that they have an APP! Yezzir! It makes completing those Snaps so simple as most of us already have a smartphone in the palms of our hands! I’d suggest you sign up on a desktop and then afterwards use the app.

Download the Influenster app:



p.s. While I did receive the VoxBox pictured above for free, I did not receive a thing to write this post, I just wanted to share it with all of you!  😎

Have a blast reviewing and getting free stuff too!

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