IHOP Has Arrived in Winnipeg!

Every time I’ve ever gone to an IHOP it was because I was travelling far away from home but now there’s an #IHOPinthePeg!
Winnipeg, our first ever #IHOP franchise, located at 455 Sterling Lyon Parkway, is here! It opened on Monday September 25, 2017 at 8:00am! Are you as excited as I am to eat there? I really hope it is the same standard and quality as I’ve had before.
The first 100 customers in line on Monday were to receive FREE breakfast for a YEAR! (52 $10 gift certificates, each valid for one calendar week beginning Oct 2, 2017). How amazing is that?
Not only will this be the first IHOP location in Manitoba, this will be the only location in Canada to feature a coffee bar that offers a variety of specialty coffee beverages. Delish!
I had the opportunity to chat with the folks who camped out on Sunday night in attempt to be one of the first 100 people to get the free brekkie deal, check it out:

Have you been to the new IHOP yet? If so, how was the food? We all want to know! Share your experience in the comments.

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