Change The World With One Gift From Me to WE

I honestly cannot speak enough about how the WE movement has had an impact in my life . I always feel more inspired, and motivated but most of all grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded knowing that many others do not have access to those same opportunities.

I have been a WE Families Ambassador for the last year and I am humbled by the many great ways, no matter how big or small, we can make a difference.

The folks at WE sent me an awesome preview of their holiday gift guide, take a look:

Every single one of these items (when purchased) is helping to change in the world by helping to break the cycle of poverty. Education, food, health, water and opportunity are all categories in which your purchase can assist an individual or an entire community with the tools and resources they need to create a better life.

I’ve decided to share the awesomeness of that impact with all of you by offering a $50 gift card to the Me to WE shop – one for the folks in Canada and one for the folks in the USA!

No matter what you choose to do with the gift card (if you win), I know it will be making a positive impact.

That’s all I would ever want this holiday season.

Please note this post is not sponsored – this is just me wanting to put good vibes out into the world! I purchased these gift cards on my own to give away to you, enjoy!

Giveaway is open to residents of Canada at residence of the USA (one each). Ends Dec 30/17 6pm

FYI:You have to be resident of Canada to use the Canadian gift card on the Canada site, and a resident of the USA to use the USA gift card on the USA site. Enter accordingly!


Take a look around the Me to WE Shop Canada or Me to WE Shop USA, what will you do with your WE gift card?


  1. I would choose to purchase the holiday Rafiki bracelet set. My daughter fell in love with both the cause and the bracelets. Thank you!

  2. Bawse Bundle, that would be pretty awesome if they got more as they’re sold out, but if not then the ME to WE Chocolate That Gives Education™ – Milk Chocolate 12-Pack!

  3. I would use it to purchase the #GIRLLOVE RAFIKI 2.0 + PIN SET and give it to my tween to encourage her to be socially-involved.

  4. I would get the Bawse Bundle! I love Lilly Singh and I’m so happy she’s helping and involved with the WE movement!

  5. \i would choose the ME TO WE COFFEE THAT GIVES CLEAN WATER™ MEDIUM ROAST – MEDIUM GRIND & Intention series bracelet set – growth

  6. Fantastic idea and so many great things to choose from-it would be hard to decide but it would feel great to be able to do this

  7. It is between the UNITED BY BLUE – CAMP POM BEANIE – RED and the Krochet Kids Women’s Hat – the Winona – wine. Most like the Winona.

  8. I had heard about Me to We earlier, but had never known it so closely. Anything I buy with a gift card is going to help those in need, which is the greatest part. Just love how the way of buying a bracelet, helps provide clean water to who need it. All the products are our basic necessities and with them we can fulfill the needs of others. ❤️

  9. I would get the Krochet Kids Women’s Scarf – the Harper – wine. I love how it looks and it empowers women in Uganda and Kenya. It’s cool that each one is signed by the person who made it!

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